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  1. Bandai has to keep us busy until the toys for the new show are out. So I think we can expect all the repaints the licence they have will allow them
  2. Ok, I'm saying it...., that Sheryl does not look that good. There's something off with her face and the general look.
  3. Not sure if prototype, but it had all the improvements then applied on the 25's.
  4. You have a point there, but in the end is pure capitalism and the license will go to the one that can bring more money into the basket. BW allowed Arcadia to include the numbs and pegs for T-Rex to do the MF fast pack add-on and I don't think that Bandai had the vf-19 advanced planed just in the last 2 weeks. So I think someone at Bandai is pissed off. I can see a Macross Plus scenario between Arcadia and Bandai and I think Bandai will win, they are clearly bigger. Licences are sitting somewhere in a drawer in Arcadias office and they are not doing much about them releasing only one toy per year.
  5. Isn't the DX line "non-scale"?? I don't think the "1/60" matters. They can just call it DX and get it done, can't they?
  6. I guess non of us is actually canceling the preorder, but it's the 3rd generation of valks with these ankles. It's about time Arcadia start listening to collectors. I'm pretty sure they know no one likes them
  7. Lol! come on, it's everyone favourite part...., wait, are we still talking about valks? Sorry guys, but no update, I've been busy..., well, becoming a father for the second time. I haven't started my pc for over 10 days now. This might take some time.
  8. Hello Guys! I'll eventually do them all. Millia Q-Rau is also on the list, I guess you can take that as enemy mecha. Quick update!
  9. If it comes bundled with the super parts I expect it to be arround the price of the vf-27 "renewall"
  10. At this point I can only say F*#k you Bandai! Realy? now? after spending $400 on the Arcadia one? I'm pissed, because it looks awesome.
  11. You got a point there, but I can't imagine a downgrade from the 25/27/29, they are too much of a hero super valk, too iconic. They would compete with the new hero valk, similar to what happened in frontier, where the CF should have been the vf-19, and Kawamori decided not to use it because it was too iconic and would overshadow the new 25. I can see a downgrade from the yf-30 though, I don't see it like a super valk as the others, but that's just me. I know that spect-wise is better, but it doesn't look like it.
  12. I think is pretty safe to say that Bandai will produce any "1/60 PF" toy for the new show. I don't see Arcadia any where near that license, given they already announced only one new mold a year. That being said, I'm sure Bandai, Kawamori and BW have some kind of understanding and Bandai wants to make money, so I don't think we'll see any recycled frontier valks. May be a downgrade for a new CF (like the 17-to-171) but I expect new valks.
  13. Ha! Thanks guys for the comments. I'll eventualy do them all, given me the free time to do so. The destroids are easy in terms of geometry, and they share the same lower part, so it's not that hard to do them all. I do have other thing in mind first (like finishing the YF-21 and finally get down with the yf-19) As for enemy mecha, I already did the Glaug a few years back and I have the sv-51 in mind for the future. Which one you had in mind?
  14. Since the pre-order came up this thread added a lot of pages and I miss the answer to my next question and it's probably been discussed already, so apologies in advanced, BUT, was there any official word on the blue color? it's very different from one pic to the other, which one is the final version?
  15. Hello guys! Just a quick update on this. Finished the left arm.
  16. This has probably been already discussed, but, isn't Valkyrie the name of the VF-1? like phoenix for the vf-0 or thunderbolt for the vf-11?. We call every other vf a Valkyrie just because the popularity of the vf-1, but calling every valk a Valkyrie is a mistake, right? and if this is not the case, what's the name of the vf-1? Just adding some spice to the whole "gender in a plane" discussion.
  17. Thanks a lot! I was looking for something like that! Anyone knows what the D-M-P stands for on the first 3 decals?
  18. Hello, Guys! I´m at the studio now, but I have an image of the green Tomahawk, not sure from which book it is though. I'll upload it once home. As for thr progress, I'm testing materials, this is what I have so far. I'll like to play a little more with a few things. I'll add some more decals and test some more materials. There is a symbol inside that yellow triangle at the front of the cannon, but I can´t make out what it is from the art I have. If some knows or has an image, please let me know. @Milkautico: No lo tengo en la lista de los "nunca". Pero ya sabes, si viene, va a ser despues varios otros.
  19. Yamato made both in 1/60 scale. They called them Tan and Olive green. As I said, looking at they toys I like more the green one, I think there is more contrast between the colors. But after testing materials in 3D I'm not so sure. I guess I can do both, it would be just changing the base color.
  20. Hello! Thanks for the comments! The only part I modified was the head. It's in between the blueprints and Yamato's toy. So, question to you guys. Which color scheme you like the most? I used to think the green one, but now that I'm testing materials, I'm not so sure.
  21. Finally! double jointed elbows. Looking great
  22. Hello Guys! I'm done modeling. I might add some more details as I start with materials and textures, but the basics are done.
  23. Hello Guys! Thanks for the comments. I'm almost done modeling, but I'm having a hard time with the head. The reference is not 100% accurate, or at least it doesn't look like it does. So I'm kind of guessing a little. I'll upload some images soon.
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