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  1. May be it has something to do with the show not being aired yet?. We haven't seen this one transform.
  2. Thanks for the comments Guys! and thanks EXO for shareing it on facebook. They are 4000x4000 px. all of them
  3. Sure! I usually render at 4k px. I'll upload a zip file.
  4. This is it guys! I'm done! I have 2 or 3 final renders in mind for this one, so I'll start a new thread when those are finished with the high res images. Hope you Guys like it, it's been a hell of a ride.
  5. Yes. I invert the ambient occlusion directly in the software (in my case, 3dsmax and vray, it has an option to invert it). I don't add the dirt/scratches after I render the map, I use different dirt/scratches maps in the radius or occluded channels in the shadder directly. So once you have the bare metal texture it's just a matter of adding those maps in multiply. Different dirt/scratches maps will give you different maps to blend and play around, just use different levels of opacity. You can add a levels to the dirt maps to better define edges (all this on PS of course) The map I use to mask the metal needs to be very contrasted, so I usually use levels in PS. If not, you will just get a wired blend between the bare metal and the color one. But basically, yes to all you said.
  6. That's good. May be on your model dirt would look better than scratches, since is not a blocky robot like the tomahawk.
  7. Thanks! I always try to add something, you can call it..., artist signature Sure! After the unwrap is done, I render ambient occlusion maps using different dirt maps, that gives me a base for the dirt and scratches. Here's an example: Then is just playing in Photoshop. I use a base color and different metal textures in different blending mode to take this: and turn it into this: That's the base color. Then is just a matter of adding markings and the dirt maps. For the material, well, that would be too long, but it's basically a blend between two materials, a very bright base metal material, and the one with the texture. I then use a scratch mask to blend them:
  8. Update time! I'm almost done. Only the head is missing!
  9. "Has a twin brother who is also a member of the Aerial Knights" My first thought is that one of them is going to die.
  10. I wouldn't mind having a complete Sound Force. They are the uglyest valks aver, but all in battroid with sound boosters, now that's a display I'll like to have
  11. I was thinking of something like that. Why no both? Do it Bandai
  12. Tochiro said thet they mentioned that "the girls" are not pilots, but support the pilots (by singing). So she doesn't pilot the valk, though she might be linked to it (?)
  13. It has the Delta logo, so either the grey/blue valk has a very similar yf-30 battroid mode, or the 30 made it to Delta. Or maybe Bandai is just trolling us with the Delta logo
  14. We are going to cover it up with the reactive armor anyways
  15. I don't think they'll release any toys before the show is out and we don't even have a date for that. So we can relax. We have at least a few months to spare.
  16. I have hope that they'll release the fb2012 after. Maybe it's a matter of keeping the licence for the toy, some licences are lost if you don't make use of them with in a certain time period. May be this release is just Arcadia making use of the mold to keep the licence. Mr K said he wanted to make the fb2012 color scheme but there was a licence issue. Just wishful thinking.
  17. Is there any actual word from Arcadia that it's a re-release from the Yamato version? is not showing on their site, and again, how does that fit the "fill in the blanks" hint Mr K left?
  18. Is there a way for the re release to fill in the blanks for this ○○-○○ ○○○○○○? I wonder if there is more than one announcement Anyways, if it's not the fb2012, then I'm not even bothering.
  19. There is pretty much no doubt that that is a vf-4. Mr K mentioned that he wanted to make the fb2012 version but they had some problems with the licence. That's Yamatos G on the picture anyways, it doesn't have the tan nose cone.
  20. Finally! looking good. The dark one (I'm with Graham on this one, it's dark blue and yellow/gold IMO) looks like a 17/171 with 27 wings (with some kind of strange big middle back fin), the other one definitely has some Frontier lines. Not sure if the wing go forward like the 19, they seem to go back and out, not forward, but may be is the perspective. If they do go forward, then it should be a yf/vf-39.
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