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  1. I was just about to ask the same question Not a fan of the VA-3 but this looks good! Nicely done!
  2. Hello Guys, Thanks for the comments and thanks Mr. March for the images. Here's this weekend progress
  3. Hello all, I'm starting a new thread to keep think apart and have a proper thread title. I'll post here the progress on the Destroid Tomahawk. Modeling is about half way done. I'll provably take a break before texturing to finish the YF-21, bur, here's what I have so far.
  4. So..., any news on the G release date? or is it still August 2014?
  5. I just foud this, not sure who did it, but if someone knows, credit him please. It's a DX but I'm posting it here not to create a mad rush and confusion since its just a custom http://suprememecha.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/vf-25aaps25at-armoreo-with-tornado-pack.html Look realy nice
  6. Kinda late to the show, but, what's the release date for the tornado G parts?
  7. I forgot about Nora! shame on me! May be because she was an enemy pilot.
  8. Isn't Kanaria human? Is the only one I can think of at the moment.
  9. Hello all. Just taking a break from the YF-21 (I'm almost done with the arms btw). It's not much, but this is what I have so far.
  10. May be Bandai realised it's sure money. I trust HLJ, pretty sure that if pre-orders are still up is because they can cover them.
  11. Fine, can't do it. I seem to need a crash course on how to embed a youtube video ::there ya go::
  12. That's good news. Hope it doesn't take years to get that license. I'm sure they know it will sell, so it's a sure think for them.
  13. That's an amazing job! very nice!
  14. Thanks Guys! I'm working on the amrs right now. Hope to post an update soon.
  15. That's awesome in so many ways! amazing job!
  16. And announced at the winter wonder fest in...., February? I think is too early for a new mold to me announced. I'll be happy if I'm wrong
  17. Whatever it is it should be a repaint, right? I don't think they'll announce just now the new mold for 2016.
  18. Hello Guys! Ok, I render over night and I manage to render 4 3k px images. I fixed the light a bit, so it look better this time. This time's for real, I'm done with this and I'm moving on to the arms and legs. FInal Images: Find attached the zip with the hi-res images. YF-21 3K.zip
  19. Hi Zinjo! Unfortunately, no. 2 of my 3 render nodes are down and I'm rendering in low-res at the moment. Images are 1500 px big, so it makes almost no difference. I'll re-render once my nodes are back up and I'll upload hi-res images for you guys
  20. Hello Guys, thanks for the comments. So, here's the finished model (save amrs and legs, that's next). I might twitch the material a bit more, but I'll leave that to the moment I set the right environment and final light set up. Right now there are pretty bad burn out areas, but that's just because I set the light really quick. So, for now, this is it. On to the arms an legs then!
  21. Hello Guys! I misses this last discussion. I wouldn't dare to profit from fans, I do this just for fun and I like sharing it, I don't intend to get profit from it. But I would love to see my art in the front of the box of a toy. I would settle with making my work reach someone like Hidetaka Tenjin and getting some feedback from him, that would be awesome. But I don't know where to start, like, is there an official facebook page or website? Anyways, it's update time! There isn't much to show, since I'm modifying all textures with weathering and some extra details. I'm also adding dome geometry details and adjusting the materials. So, it's much of the same, with minor improvements. Let me know what yo guys think, but this is pretty much how it would look in the end.
  22. Looks nice, but a bit limited in articulation when in gerwalk and battroid. Not saying is TREXs fault, the kit itself looks awesome.
  23. Yamato had a prototipe before they went down. It would be too big and just too expensive.
  24. This is supposed to go out on the 21st right?
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