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    Hi-Metal R

    He's a shy type alien murdering machine!
  2. fenrir72

    Hi-Metal R

    The VF4 Lightning package is kind of smaller than usual.
  3. Since the replacement parts metal pole are smooth from end to end, hopefully there will be little stress on the plastic but why the break happened on the smooth side of the old metal pole is kind of perplexing.
  4. I think so. The box is in storage in a very hard to access place in the attic but iirc its the image 3 boxes from upper left of wmkjr post but my Valk is the dark gray plastic not bone white. Also weird is the split occurring in the part where the metal pole had no crinkle/bite marks (the top part). The crinkle is positioned facing down fyi. So Shawn's spare parts sent those many years ago helped a lot ( maybe I should have performed the surgery years ago? ). Edit: I don't know if this contributed to the break but my VF 1S has been wearing his GBP armor like since day one I got them both.
  5. The basis of my post is, if the game is M, then by all means ensure the contents as M. Anything short of full nudity and exchanging of DNA is of course a no go zone as far as consoles is a given. If Teen, well, let them, the publishers release contents for Teens. So why allow decapitations and evisceration but suddenly go full covering up the dignity of the lady characters yet allow the guys to be "exposed"? For an M game? Again, if MK is rated Teens, then by all means cover the gals up. If M, then go for whatever the rating limit the creators from releasing.
  6. The Azalea does look good too. And is cheaper. The Fans Toys Phoenix effect got me a bit biased for their product but if you could humor me, what's the worst thing with Rouge that Azalaea improves on? On Azalea, does she have a die-cast frame and feet? For stability that is. Thanks in advance.
  7. Ikkitousen's Epoch Extravaganza hasn't made any an appearance in the Ikki wiki. Only Western Wolves have some sort of acknowledgement. It's as if fans are purposely ignoring it? The former is kinda a let down in that it is two short, just 2 episode with kanu getting all the awesome hits against this weirdo who just loves stamping his signature via a glowing stone on his foe's breasts (the female ones that is). He brands the guys on their faces. Sonsaku lost her magatama which lead to an almost 3 year cliff hanger wait prior to Western wolves...........
  8. fenrir72

    Hi-Metal R

    Bandai's Tamashi line is chock full of re-issues this quarter. Most are Patlabor. The even skipped to the lesser known Techno Police(Bubblegum Crisis' spiritual inspiration) so who knows when the next Macross mechs comes up?
  9. Concerning anime I prefer them if they were true to their roots and not turned PG from their original R. Fate Stay Night is a great franchise and all but its origins do come from an eroge source. Same with Valkyrie Romanze. If they made it like To love Ru with a little spiciness.........
  10. I got the Star Gaogaigar CMS version complete ver 2 (#25) for just $50.00. Sure it ain't the Bandai version but quite a find given the technology when it was first realised. Other SoC I got are General Daimos (his panels were already scratched straight from the box and that painted shoulder joint(WTF?!)) Aside from those issues, amazing recreation of the anime figure (head swapping ain't a biggie) My 2nd is Danguard Ace. Hands down awesome, despite his size. 3rd is Mirai Daltanious. Another amazing fig. Too bad he got non of those spikey yoyos. 4th Default Aflodai, Venus and Minerva. Can't seem to find Diana with enough cash on my card at the same time. Next target would be Brave Raideen
  11. Just got to see the BD Eva 3.3. The sound wuzz like cr@p! 1.1 and 2.2 had awesome sound.
  12. It finally happened, yesterday. What I thought was the "safe" non busting shoulders have busted out for me. My Super DYRL VF-1S Hikaru gave out and cracked (both). Thanks to the parts Shawn sent (mine were the white parts(hey, beggars can't be choosers) years ago, I was able to surgically replace them. The metal sticks had one end with the bite marks. Thanks Shawn!
  13. That bad huh? Because you are praising Toynami. Means really bad!
  14. fenrir72

    Hi-Metal R

    The SDF-2 Megaroad-1 colonization ship.
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