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  1. @ tober, well I kept on adding a bit of pressure on the lower "rib" part of the chest armor to get it to clamp/lock. The frickin' (left) shoulder armor just wouldn't lock properly
  2. Maybe you should revise the title to Sticky: the classic Yamato fail and or difference between ver 1 and 2 and 1/48 scale.
  3. Without discouraging any potential buyers of the set but I noticed the left shoulder armor doesn't lock properly into place. And yes, I finally got the breast armor to lock in.
  4. Didn't micron/jenius post the link on this subject in the other thread?
  5. I am not worthy...............
  6. You're micron? Gawd, I use that site as reference for a lot of Macross stuff! Great job!
  7. @ valhary, here are the pics you requested
  8. Being new to this figure genre(the Yamato version anyway), I'm quite surprised as to how nice V2 came out. Breakage issue aside with the curled pins, 1/60 ver. 1 looked malnourished. But comparing the 1/48 GBP armor to 1/60, aside from the removable missiles and more "detailed" decal format, almost negligible. Just as awesome. But, I noticed one thing, the chest part doesn't securely clamp to the Valkyries' chest. Is that like normal?
  9. Yeah I agree with the hands. It would have been nice if it looked more machine like.
  10. newbie question, where to buy the stand.
  11. Just got my Hikaru DYRL 1/60 Fast Pack + the Armor parts only.........very nice indeed!
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