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    Hi-Metal R

    VF-0S even in 1/100 would be towering the current 1/100 VF1-S!😍
  2. fenrir72

    Hi-Metal R

    Does this scale with the HMR Valkyries? Iirc they are 1/100. Is this 1/100 too?
  3. You beat me to it! Prepare for teeth gnashing and head bashing. Seriously, Bandai is mass releasing this and good! The stand alone armor is like special route order.
  4. @Checkmate and Technoblue Thanks! And that is a relief.
  5. If this has been discussed then gomenasai but I noticed that this set has an extra VF1J head with a colored visor(?)/scope or whatever terms applied. I have the 1st ish VF1J and am ambivalent at pulling off that head. Is the neck socket easy to detach?
  6. The old big scale 1/5 2008 Yamato. Serves me right for buying it at Y 10,000 + preowned. Just transformed it once to robot mode and kept it that way then 2 weeks later, the arm fell off with the crispy parts falling apart in tinee tiny pieces. I was watching out for the metal pieces breaking then this just disintegrated. Thank God my VF-0 Phoeneix Yamato's shoulders are still whole. After this, not touching another Yamato EVAH!
  7. Late in the game but anyone here know how to get a replacement of this? The shoulder housing just broke off. Thanks in advance.
  8. Da EF?! Mandarakes shipping waaaaaay better and the cost cheaper!
  9. Good luck with that big buddy! (on hlj) Btw, speaking of which, nothing up yet among the usual suspects. The PO page that is.
  10. Got this preowned. Y 29K+
  11. TFs are hot in China. Molten hot. Macross isn't that hot. So the market for KO Macross' isn't to profitable for KOers. As for legit MP Tfs, go the JP way from you know where mentioned here a bouts (Jungle Planet, etc etc). Avoid ebay like a plague!
  12. Been reading general JP updates related to the beerbug and if accurate, Manda too has openned all their branches. Unless there is something the JP media aren't telling (same with Manda) or their shipments from China may have met delays. I'm going for the latter. (I know how much sucktitude it cost me for my own country's customs delays which might also have something to do with the beerbug )
  13. April 2019 or April 2020? And was the company you ordered from JP based or otherwise? JUst getting the general situation. All of my orders are JP based and sent via DHL. The delays came from my local Customs clearance.
  14. Another lucky break! Just waiting for the shipping cost.
  15. Got held up in customs for a week. The box is slightly crunched hence the Y9K cost
  16. fenrir72

    Hi-Metal R

    Waaaaaaait! I got Hobbysearch to replace my Gridman Actibuilder set's missing helmet. Actibuilder is another branch of Bandai through Megahouse. Also got amiami to replace a chipped lip alternate face of my Takara MP BeastConvoy. HLJ was just lazy for all you know.
  17. Manda. Updated (gonna ship tonight I guess)
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