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  1. i see collapsible heat shield, landing gear.. is it a perfect transformable valk??? HELL !! i'm gonna buy it! add to cart!
  2. http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN980635/Sci restock
  3. don't buy it! it's not the main character valk! it's not worth-ed! *i hope this will post will make my change getting the valk a lot more bigger
  4. date release? anyone? i need to store my lunch money in my piggy bank!
  5. gai gu - 11 what brand is your 3 d print? where did you buy it? and how much you paid for it
  6. i'm using my smart phone,.. my ipad.. and my pc to open amiami.. the weirdest thing is i made the order from my smart phone.. my pc and my ipad still can't acces the site.. i think i will throw away my pc and my ipad.. they are useless
  7. http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/city.html?n=248 ten minutes again... f5
  8. hahah i know it's pathetic... but I DON"T CARE!!! LOL perhaps i could sell one of them to my fellow countryman who missed it
  9. NOPE!! i'm just sick with bandai.. i missed a lot of the release... so this like my payback!!
  10. i have 3 backup ..i hope i will end up with 3 lucifer >.<
  11. STAY AWAY FROM MY LUCIFER!!! lol.. it's gonna be hell of a race today!
  12. for me.. if they made it with the same quality as the RG gundam.. then it's all a bargain for me.. hopefully they will tint the plastic
  13. hey decaying plastic is a good thing! it's good for the earth... go green LOL
  14. thank's chris.. i will put this kit to my future a must buy list
  15. quick question.. the folded wing and nose.. is it optional.. or build in gimmick that we can transform whenever we want? is it the bandai kit? i thought it already been paint from bandai?
  16. it is a great toy..but just a shame because i'm trying to create a one scale diorama..and the toy's will look weird.. over sizing the other model
  17. thanks guys.. that a shame that the vf 100 is bigger then 1:100
  18. hi guys.. i have this tomahawk from macross hangar kit and it said 1;100 scale.. and at the right side there is 1:100 bandai vf hi metal.. i'm just curious.. is this true? the vf 1 is a lot more taller then the tomahawk in batroid mode? or the one of the model is making the mistake,, thank's
  19. ryuji how big is this figure? and how much will it cost for me if i want to commission something alike
  20. yes.. i thought that everyone will made a skull custom.. but i always love the sundowners tail design..and i don't have the skill and courage to repaint my valk so my custom only limited to water slide decal only yes!! wolfpack will be awesome.. before i create the sundowners i was considering to use catbomb insignia..but this is a lightning not a cat heheheh
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