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  1. 1 hour ago, no3Ljm said:

    Wow. Individual finger joints. :wub: 

    Again, this is a 1/60 scale and not 1/48, right? He looks big. ;) 

    Nope, 1/48. he stated that somewhere in the beginning.

  2. Time to airbrush the VF-171 again. I got some cheap stencils to try.


    everything is pre-shaded already. Some purple leopard pattern here and there. Let’s see how it works out.




    not too bad, I think.

    after a while, the airbrush decided I have to stop as the charge was empty. Since I got that thing, stuff goes on faster than usual :)


  3. 1 hour ago, TMBounty_Hunter said:

    Seems they're building up hype for May 9th and going to actually reveal things at a webcast during Shizuoka Hobby Show weekend





    Yeah… was reading the news on the macross page and was disappointed. So, skull squadron themed lobster it is…

  4. 15 hours ago, pengbuzz said:

    UPDATE: some long overdue progress shots:

    100_0496.JPG.44f1af47a59e9267c3bd2a986f1db307.JPG  100_0497.JPG.d33334096d7428e2f6b960ebc51921ac.JPG


    Final configuration for the stand base:



    Main logo and the file number from the series' briefing (at the start of the S1 episodes, IIRC):

    100_0499.JPG.66442e49b59dcf77ab9491a5ec94f4a0.JPG  100_0501.JPG.5b62fa8897e10f48456706d573336e2e.JPG

    A pic with the unextended sponson ends attached:


    Bottom shot without and with ADF pod:

    100_0503.JPG.5056eb6c9bb9ef0a62f7a0f93d073b40.JPG   100_0504.JPG.9580ceb64860f02f8a8eae13e1839ba5.JPG 

    Rare Earth magnets embedded in both hull and ADF pod:


    Sponson ends: normal and chain guns deployed; both attach via a series of posts:

    100_0506.JPG.52eda71037be871ca2681e81ee832c80.JPG    100_0507.JPG.c8af44240fb5abd6792b54a7890b17a9.JPG

    Airwolf's weaponry at a glance:


    3/4 rear view port; extended exhausts for rotor engines and turbo boost nozzles in place:

    100_0509.JPG.f884f299086c7ac4ac5c823c59f7dd21.JPG   100_0510.JPG.a971f82d4acb7b78ede3dcd55452ba8b.JPG

    Work done to hollow out and rebuild turbo boost intakes and cooling intakes for rotor engines:


    Main rotor hub:


    The helicopter still needs work: a final buffing down of the hull (lumpy in some areas and the shine is too much), refining some details, and a couple fo other nitpicks. But overall, this project has succeeded beyond what I had hoped for!

    Finally... a shot of "The Lady" coming straight for the camera:


    Stay tuned folks....

    Good job man!


    ps: my wife finished thisIMG_7695.jpeg.bd58d768bea26d3edd541ddd401aa169.jpeg

  5. 13 hours ago, Chronocidal said:

    Before you go printing Sparrows, take note of the fin shape.  They used AIM-120 AMRAAMs on the Mac-0 F-14s.

    They were never cleared for operational use, but the Navy did test using them.  Apparently they scrapped the idea when the upgrade wasn't deemed worth it, considering the limited use compared with the Super Hornet that was already in development.


    Oh wow - I wasn't aware. Thanks! Good I didn't invest time yet to create AIM-7 rockets or purchase some online. Will check for AIM-120.

  6. On 4/14/2024 at 12:42 AM, Big s said:

    Yeah, but probably a skull squadron lobster

    there is a 99% propability that will actually happen, but let's dream a bit. Some possible quick pull-offs FUJIMI would be capable to do.

    1/72 Macross Zero F-14
    1/72 Macross Zero Mig-29
    1/72 Macross Zero SH-60 Seahawk
    Varja themed lobster or rhinoceros beetle

  7. @electric indigo awesome man!


    Here. Two pictures of the finished VF-19A in evening sunlight.



    XF-20 coated the VF-22 today, so I can wash it tomorrow.


    Also checked the F-14D and forgot why I stopped to fiddle with it. Seems pretty much in a state that is close to finishing.


    Only the ordinance missing. So I checked Macross Zero Episode 1, just to figure what I need. That‘ll be two AIM-9 and six AIM-7.


    Then a blurry memory came up. I remembered what I wanted to do and why.

    The GWH kit only has two AIM-7…



    I wanted to 3D print the missing four. Hahahhaha

    I‘ll finish what I have for the F-14 and add the missing ordinance later.

  8. @SteveTheFish nice builds!

    @Rock Defo the 5grand VF-1.

    VF-19A almost done. Only some clear parts missing and the small barrels left and right.

    Not my best build, but I am satisfied.



    Edit: and done. Second kit of April done. It was a long journey though…


    Maybe I‘ll get a better picture tomorrow.

  9. 3 hours ago, Big s said:

    That’s a cute lil Harrier. And seems like you’re getting a lot of use out of that portable airbrush


    And this is one I’m eagerly waiting to see the end results of

    Yeah… the Harrier is super small. And done btw. First kit of April :)

    So far I finished at least one kit per month this year.


    the vf-19a is on the finishing line. I sealed it. The coat needs to cure and then I will glue the pieces together.


  10. 7 hours ago, Big s said:

    Yeah, but that’s kinda to be expected. The markings are also a different set for those that wanted someone other than Roy or Hikaru, but that’s just recolored decals. Now people can do the Kakizaki vs Queadluun Rau diorama 😞

    That is dark man…

    but, yeah. I expected that as well. I have a kakizaki Hasegawa VF-1 already. Was thinking of a simple DYRL Max theme this time.

  11. Went to the hobby store with the kid again.

    We got this:


    I never build a Minicraft kit before. So I was eager to try it. Looking at the UK flag I was expecting a pile of rubbish. BUT, it was okay.




    The kit is super small, it has some nice details. The quality is mediocre. There are seems everywhere.


    The raw build.


    The kid wanted to help mask the canopy.


    he did a few patches. Then he wanted to Airbrush the primer as well.



    And almost done:



    While building this, a box arrived with new stuff :)



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