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  1. 31 minutes ago, Big s said:

    I’m pretty sure it’s using mostly parts from their old kit and that had a gear down option. I’ll check and see the description if it mentions it

    just checked and the description was a bit odd. It says the legs can be set in a parked state, so I’m pretty sure they mean gear down

    Ah okay - then I misread that. My Japanese is a bit rusty. In the description it says something weird. Reading in context it says a stand is in the kit because the gear is "parked", meaning in the gear bay. Maybe ... I am not sure. Do we have someone around that can try translate that properly?

  2. 5 hours ago, no3Ljm said:

    1/72 YF-19 with Fast Pack & Fold Booster
    March 2024 Release







    Oh nice - with a stand! If I get this right, this YF-19 can only be build with gears up?
    I hope this will be a regular release and not a limited edition release or something.

  3. So many great builds everyone!

    I cannot comment on them all.

    here is what I had on the workbench yesterday. My brother wanted a 3D printed Zelda from the newest instalment for his fiancée. I printed it in two sizes. He takes the bigger one. My wife wants to paint the small one and gift it to a friend of us.

    Lots of sanding and puttying.



  4. On 12/24/2023 at 8:13 AM, Big s said:

    Gonna do a double build?

    I still have a soft spot for the ancient tv version of the Queadluun Rau kit. It’s surprisingly well articulated and has a lot of detail on the outside. It’s not perfect, but it’s one of the best early 80’s mecha kits ever made 

    yeah, it looks a bit more detailed compared to the hasegawa one at first. And no - no double build planned. I have to finish some other kits first haha.

  5. 18 hours ago, 505thAirborne said:

    My apologies for the lack luster pics but here is my 1/48 YF-23. With it raining the past few days, I'm stuck until Sunday (sunny & warmer) before I can give it a final coat of grey paint, then finish off the engines & landing gear. 

    Does anyone have a spare 1/48 fighter pilot you're willing to part with? I'm in no rush to buy an entire 1/48 grounds crew set just for one pilot. Hobby Boss failed to provide one. 





    The hobby boss one? That looks like an awesome kit!

  6. 5 hours ago, The Original Cobywan said:

    I took a break from this for a few weeks.  I think I'm satisfied with the proportions on this one.  For now anyway.

    Here are some quick panel line breaks.





    Hey! good job!

    Panel lines are a PITA. How do you carve them? I manually cut them by hand in 3DS Max.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Thom said:

    Very nice collection there, @Urashiman Brings to mind the Intertwined Modelling Conundrums, or IMC. Storage Shelf space as opposed to Display Shelf space.:unknw:

    haha - yeah. That is an issue as well. Atm I have no display space at all. So my finished kits are in the boxes right next to the stash of unbuild kits. There will be some space in the future though. Need to get that wall fixed first.

  8. oh man ... I knew the box will be huge, but ... it is frikken huge :S



    Here - a comparision to a "normal box". A VF-1A/J/S kit.


    It will rest now in my stash for all eternity - until I have some time to touch it, together with all the other kits I have. I feel like a small sized hobby shop already. The only bigger box I have is the 1/48 VF-1 Strike/Super Valk. I am running out of space, so I hope there will be no awesome new kits until I can finish some.


  9. 5 hours ago, Thom said:

    She's almost there @SpacePirateNeko! A little tape and a little paint and all done.:good:


    And though this is not a model, I bought the Star Wars Micro Galaxy N-1. Eight inches long from the muzzles to the tip of the tail, it looks to be almost right on 1/72 and has some really nice detail. It includes Djin and Grogu, though Grogu is not removable, set in his high chair under the dome. Djin has a removable jet pack and can be sat in the cockpit. The only draw back is that, since it is a toy, there are screw holes on the bottom as well as trademark info stamped into the plastic. It does have gear too, though they almost disappear when retracted.








    Though it is a toy, I see it as a nice alternative to the new Revell 1/24, with the added bonus that it can sit comfortably beside the 1/72 Bandai range.


    Do you post in the starship modeller group on FB as well? I remember seeing a similar build there.

  10. thanks alot @Thom & @MechTech!

    it is a journey to get this thing done. Next I will focus a bit on the RC innards to make it actually RC. I was waiting for another battery box. The 2x2AA box was to big and bad for balance, so I got two 2AA boxes which I can place in the hull left and right next to the electric engine. This was I get a good balance and the ship won't be able to tip over due to the lower center of gravity. Or at least, in case it tips over, it will turn around itself again. So is the theory...

  11. #$%&!?

    I kid you not ... almost every second piece on the cruiser I build looks like this.


    I truly believe the REVELL skill level is based on the mark the mold maker got during their mold making exam or something. This cruiser is set as "Skill level 5". Meaning they got a 5 for delivering something but being really bad at it. In the US that would be like an F on your exam.



    ... you can get something decent from it, I think.



    I am constantly reminded why I am not doing REVELL kits anymore.

  12. 23 hours ago, Big s said:

    It could be due to oils or release agents on the surface. Some companies really go overboard with the stuff and it makes it tough for glues or paints or putties to stick.

    Well, it is a really old kit. So maybe that is the reason. The plasto stuff ist sticking though.

  13. Oh man ...

    I love milliput and I have used it on many kits, but not on Revell ones yet. I puttied like crazy and got this.


    Then when sanding, the effing stuff just came off! It didn't stick! This never happened before. I am confused. The interesting part? It was sticking to the hull without issue.

    So ... I had to use Revell Plasto again.

    Needs to dry now for a bit before I am going to sand this again...

  14. And now for something completely different.

    Build a RC boat out of a 1:72 revell kit? Possible - but it is still a revell kit. The stockholm syndrom of any model kit builder.

    So, what am I building? A rescue cruiser with the name "Berlin". This kit first popped up in 1988 and it shows.


    One thing I really recommend to anyone touching revell kits: if the mold was made prior to the year 2000, don't touch it. Unless you like putty and sanding like crazy.

    And well - there is a reason Revell doesn't distribute this kit anymore.


    Gaps ... Gaps everywhere!





    I mean, looking at it from far away is okay. It looks nice and so on.



    Ah yeah, and here a floating test, just to check if all the RC components are not too heavy.




  15. 8 hours ago, Big s said:

    It’s a fairly recent one actually. That’s the entry grade NU Gundam if I’m not mistaken. No poly caps and separate eye piece. And doesn’t appear to be the fin funnel version. IMG_2299.png.ebbf52c71d56689df58225416774c71d.pngoddly, it looks like they added a few bits of detail to the kneecap armor and around the side skirts 

    Ah interesting. Yeah, there are some more panel lines.

  16. 7 hours ago, Big s said:

    From my experience, the tamiya gloss is good if it’s thinned down a lot and used in thinner layers. If it goes on too thick then it takes a long time to dry and gets a little gummy almost rubbery. When it’s thinned though I’ve never run into problems. Just try not to use water. I find it’s oddly better with lacquer thinner 

    That is my experience as well. Thin down the tamiya stuff a bit and it'll work good. I usually don't use tamiya colors, except for a few clear ones or metal colors. I mostly use Revell and Humbrol Lacquers.

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