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  1. hmmm, I think your username says it all..."Try shaking the toy in a paper bag..."
  2. Great haul. Can you give a mini review of the macross modelling delta special magazine?
  3. Darth Mingus

    Macross figures

    Available now: http://hlj.com/product/BANN11257
  4. Darth Mingus

    Macross figures

    Pre-orders for the 3 Plamax Walkure figures are up on HLJ: Mikumo http://hlj.com/product/MAX01044 Makina http://hlj.com/product/MAX01045 Raina http://hlj.com/product/MAX01046
  5. Darth Mingus

    Macross figures

    Mikumo's skin tone is lighter. The figu-rise busts had the same skin tone variations.
  6. It would really suck to have your VF-31 on this truck enroute to you... Hope there are no members in utah waiting for a fedex package: http://sploid.gizmodo.com/holy-crap-this-passenger-train-totally-obliterated-a-f-1791591707
  7. I stand corrected. Thanks. I watched the announcement video and didn't read the rules. I guess you can win the competition and not get the prize... which is odd but understandable.
  8. The kits does not need to be purchased from HLJ, only available for purchase from HLJ, so that others can buy it if they like your worksince thus is a promotional exercise for them. not sure what this means for the bandai star wars kits. There are already people announcing the kits they are building and showing 1/2 completed models with pained details. If you are going to cheat, at least make an effort to cheat.
  9. One thing to note: The kit cannot be started as of the start date of the contest (Jan 16th, 2017). Last time, people were posting kits that were already completed but they were disqualified. You cannot post your progress anywhere other than the HobbyLink TV site. Once the contest is over, you are free to post to other sites. If you are serious about entering, you should watch the video above. I will be entering as I wanted to start my VF-31J.
  10. I have dreams about a 1/48 Perfect Grade VF-1 with removable panels and light effects like the old school Perfect Grades.
  11. I am disappointed they did not do a Macross Delta emblem on the stand. You would think with 5 planes in the series, they could have spent the R&D on nicer looking stand base.
  12. Aren' t the web excusive items made to order, making them slightly easier to get? At least i have never had a problem getting the add-on packs. Getting the valk, on the hand, is another story.
  13. I got a confirmation email from AmiAmi today that they were able to secure a preorder I put in on Saturday. There may be a bunch of cancellations which explains why there are some additional units available. Good hunting, 5 days to go.
  14. Amiami had pre-orders open tonight. Don't know if it is a good price, though.
  15. I built my 31 and thought it was great as well. I would love to see how TomyTec makes these things. For anyone who has not started on theirs yet, be aware they are under-gated. When cleaning up the gate marks, there are two areas you need to clean. I have attached a picture from a Bandai instruction booklet that shows you how to remove the gates. If the gates are not fully removed, you will not be able to get rid of all the seams.
  16. Quickly glancing at the third shot in this set, I thought you already had the pod in flames Great work! Can't wait to see the final product. I just added the Tamiya F-14A Tomcat to the backlog... Should get around to it in 2250 or so... Beautiful kit, highly recommended.
  17. Hey NZEOD, judging from the building instructions: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10034869z/70/1, it looks like it has articulation in the foot.
  18. Ithink the had a sign up at the tokyo hobby show indicating spring 2017 for the VF31 in 1/72 scale to go with the draken.
  19. It's 1/48. That's quite a markup from tamiya usa considering the japanese price is 7800 yen.
  20. From the Tokyo Hobby Show: I am not sure what the second image is, but it looks like TV version parts?
  21. Test shots of the kit: http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/28_tshot/
  22. I concur with NZEOD. Spilled 1/2 a bottle of Duraluminum yesterday...
  23. Hi Gatsu, This is the site I use when I need really small magnets: http://www.kjmagnetics.com/products.asp?cat=1 You can check out WMCheng's build up on the Bandai VF-25F on using magnets to hold parts together: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=691
  24. Here is a Youtube tutorial: Basically, you need to sand it with progressively finer grit sandpaper and then polish it so that it is clear again.
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