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  1. So good news...I fixed it! After some careful measuring and testing with my 3mm jack extension cable I concluded that the male end was appropriately fixed but the female inside the SDF-1's body was either recessed slightly too far and/or not secure enough to make a positive connection. So I took a large flat file to the indexing stud the male jack sticks out of, shaving off around a mm. In doing so I noticed that the deck of that stud was far from level. The attached pic is at about the halfway point of the filing, when I was done there was still a small bit of the original paint visible. After shaving it the male jack was able to go into the female far enough that the lights turned on!
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. My thought about adding solder to the male end stemmed from noticing that it's only a 2-part jack and that the barrel is very long compared to the tip. So if I added a mm or so of solder to the tip, the rear barrel portion could still make contact anywhere along its (appx.) 4mm length.
  3. Hello all, it's been a while since I've posted. Over a year ago I got KidsLogic's 1/6 scale VF-1 cockpit, and aside from the enormous weight it was easy to put together and everything worked...for a little while. This year I received my 1/1200 SDF-1 statue/speaker system (do note that the speaker base was radically reduced after the preorder phase ended). I have technical issues with both products and I have exhausted every avenue of communication with Kidslogic that I could think of: Direct email, FB messenger, FB posting (which was deleted), I even contacted BigBadToyStore to see if they, as a vendor, had a way to contact them unavailable to the general public. There was not, and their request was ghosted too. So it appears that I must fix these problems myself, and thus I thought it might be useful to brainstorm solutions with this fine forum. Issue 1: The VF-1 cockpit's primary LCD panel no longer activates when I power on the unit. All the other LEDs illuminate and cycle as they have before. The LCD panel did work when I got it, and worked after I moved it to the unit's current location on my desk. I do not know how to test to see if the display is bad or if it is simple a bad connection. I cannot tell how to access the internals of that part of the statue. Issue 2: The SDF-1's right side giant shoulder cannon barrel does not light up. From my tested I know that the barrel's male 3mm jack does receive power correctly and the LEDs do light up when I use an extension wire. And I know that the main body's female 3mm jack is outputting power correctly. So it would seem that there was an issue with the fitment or molding such that it is not possible to push the cannon far enough into the main body so that the tip of the 3mm male jack properly contacts its target on the female end. I was wondering if there was a way to simply extend the tip slightly - maybe simply by adding a dot of solder? These issues, and the poor fitment quality of my 1/2 scale Mospeada Ride Armor from them, and the complete lack of support for their products make me seriously question if I would ever buy a Kidslogic product again.
  4. A good transaction with Old Man, of a Yamato V2 VF-1J cannon fodder. Thanks Old Man!
  5. That is possibly the least aerodynamic subject I could think of to make glide. Very impressive project so far!
  6. *subscribed* for purchasing. Great work!
  7. -Yeah, I think you are right. Good find, thanks!
  8. - I appreciate the help, and the direction. Hopefully a mod can move the thread to the right place. Apologies. That kit does look VERY much like my figure. Although in the instructions pic the sleaves are shown rolled up. But in the pics is looks right. Thank you VERY much for this link!
  9. *Subscribed* Looking forward to see your work...
  10. I thought there was a forum section here for Evangelion, but perhaps I was mistaken. But I know many of us on MacrossWorld are also knowledgeable about Evangelion. As this concerns a toy I am placing the thread here. No offense meant. I need help identifying this figure of Misato. The seller on eBay didn't know jack about it, and I didn't pay much. It was listed as "Misato S3 Resin Statueā€¯. It is somewhat heavy, cold to the touch and appx. 1/7 scale. It bugs me to not know where it came from, as I keep good records of my collections. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.
  11. Hello, I searched through threads but did not discern if there was a concensus on a current fair price for the Hi-Metal Regult Missle two-pack. I'm not sure if the missed the buying window. It's hard to find many to comp right now.
  12. Oops, well thanks for the re-direct.
  13. So i didn't already see a thread about it. What can we expect? It's an unusual scale for a toy, unually 1/72 are model kits. I am not familiar with the company's history. https://hlj.com/product/kzc10028 Might go great with my Yamato destroids!
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