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  1. I'm not sure if this happened, but did they have technology that turned Neosapians into furries or animal hybrids? I know they were desperate near the end of the war, but it was unusual to say the least.
  2. I thought without Tats there wouldn't be a second ending to Macross (ep. 28-36).
  3. For a mecha war series, I'm surprised this series never got a table-top RPG and other merchandise besides toys. I played the side-scroller Genesis game years ago, but now I think it really had potential to go the whole Mechwarrior/Battletech route. If they took out some of the crazier parts of the series, it could have gone further on its own. Has there been any thoughts about a revival?
  4. The Toynami mouth is kind of big. Maybe the face was made from his Shadow Chronicles design.
  5. So with 2008 coming to a close, how does everyone think HG and related entities handled the Robotech license debacle and franchise this year?
  6. One thing I remember from this show was the noob pilot in the squad. IIRC, while everyone else used some kind of mecha, I think there was also a two seater in there, this guy was stuck with a space plane or something and got shot down a lot. Don't remember if they did anything with him over the course of the series. Also, that Cossack(?) pirate leader with the crazy white hair. It was an okay series, but I wish they gave it an ending. Back in the day I was hoping to find out what was going on the last episode and was shocked to learn that was all they animated. I also heard in the 2000s about the supposed tie in with Robotech somewhere down the line, but wasn't sure if that was just a toy thing or something that was going to happen. It was probably a good thing that the deal didn't go through, which could've bogged down the series and creators into the ongoing Robotech/Macross licensing problem. At least from the toyline I bought, on impulse, what I later discovered to be a big Destroid Tomahawk.
  7. I heard about its educational purposes from the Anime World Order podcast. Production wise, it made sense, but back when I watched the edited U.S. version with its quirks, I was left really confused. Either way, in his hands the end product would have begun and ended his movie making career.
  8. Heavy Metal, now that was a crazy one I remember (stupid green ball). I liked the Den and Taama segments the best. One question though: Did the movie tone down the material usually seen in the Heavy Metal Magazine? I only caught a glimpse of the magazine a couple of years ago. Also, thanks for remembering the Claymation Christmas Celebration, especially the Joy to the World part. That one was a cop out, little/no clay involved at all! Don't know if they showed it on TV this year, but at least it's on youtube and DVD.
  9. Fair enough, I wish him the best in his endeavor.
  10. So the guy remembered for pieing a comic book artist and current leader of a franchise is trying to get into the comic book industry himself. How ironic.
  11. While looking through the Robotech fandom, I came across this: http://www.doukeshi.net/ Does anyone know what this is? RPG? Comic book?
  12. So it's true about it being a reapaint, and for some people a poor one. Why people insist on giving these people money is a mystery to me.
  13. Cool, hope they do a review of Maia's Shadow Fighter soon.
  14. Guess that's the closest thing to an apology or admittance of failure the company is ever going to get about their products.
  15. Hope you make use of their return and replacement policy if they have one.
  16. At this point I'm not surprised they still recycle material from other films. They've been doing it for years. I've seen ads for Filipino rip offs based on movies like Titanic and Lord of the Rings where I grew up, and this was in the U.S.
  17. Cool, I saw a commercial for this a while back on a local channel, but never looked it up because I kept forgetting the name. From the looks of the review, it's too bad it didn't turn out to be anything special. Just Pinoy.
  18. I always thought HG and Macek did that so they wouldn't have to give credit to the original creators and save money. Before anyone knew Shoji Kawamori and others were responsible for the stuff in the first part of Robotech, they gave the illusion that it was their creation. Hence the creative changes like the Veritech and Protoculture (super science/space fuel/spice/whatever). But then they had to work around things like Reba West singing; they were obligated to do so to keep the illusion going. Speaking of Minmay, does anyone know what happened to her in the Robotech novels? I have the feeling she wasn't treated any better as that story went on. EDIT: I found out what happened at the end for her. Don't really know what to say about it.
  19. Is it possible that most of the VF-0s were destroyed due to the Mayan Island incident? Since they were produced in small numbers, perhaps all of them were sent to the conflict specifically to fight the SV-51 as the field test for the program, but it ended very unexpectedly. Most of the pilots didn't fare well and the UNS fleet sent there really took a beating.
  20. Just an odd question that popped into my head: Is Robotech the only franchise under Harmony Gold making money right now? In fact, is it the ONLY thing they have that's still active?
  21. He's the only person still podcasting about Robotech at the moment. However, he diverges into repetitive, hate filled shows most of the time contrasting Robotech with other franchises and issues with the current leadership at HG. Surprisingly, there are some people who are happy with that.
  22. After so many years, Studio Sokodei finally posted two of their most popular projects on youtube. For those who don't know, Sokodei made hilarious fandubs of anime series including Cowboy Bebop, Vision of Escaflowne, and Neon Genesis Evangelion and showed them in anime conventions a couple of years ago. However, outside of conventions it was difficult to watch until now. For your viewing pleasure: Warning: Both contain spoilers for their respective shows. Watch at your own risk. Evangelion ReDeath Redux http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09PLqQ6aMkM Nescaflowne http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tjvdl7oZ51c
  23. I've been looking around the site and came across this old page with some mechs not yet covered in the main Macross Mecha Manual site. http://www.new-un-spacy.com/mecha_and_destroids.htm Looks like there's some stuff from Macross II, Zero and others. Nice model kit pics, btw. Is there enough information from official sources and online to upload them on the site eventually?
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