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  1. Looks like everyone made an impression on the blogger. Hopefully the Robotech fans will never find out about this. Good job, I guess?
  2. I wonder if they can top putting Robert Redford in a pink suit?
  3. It's good to see culture shock still work after 25 years. Thanks Minnmay
  4. What's next, Eddie Murphy playing as the three old men (Antonio, Carlos, and Jobin)?
  5. I'd rather watch the first episode of a good series rather than a movie loosely based on the first episode of a good series. Hopefully, they don't go the Psycho (1998) route, but if they can do it in 22-25 minutes the first time, why drag it out to 60-90?
  6. Either that, or the era of the rabid Tommy Yune/Toynami/Harmoney Gold hating Robotech fans having a really hard time letting go.
  7. Voting with your wallet is probably the best way to go. However, if this business with BBTS was just the beginning for HG/Toynami, it's may get harder for many Macross fans. Roger is right about the hundreds/thousands of e-shops selling the same things, but who knows if they'll be the next targets for both companies just to keep their piece of the pie.
  8. If that's true, I wonder what Harmony Gold is going through right now.
  9. I'm surprised HG/Toynami still has the power to make a monopoly over the franchise, especially since they're working at a snail's pace to do anything new with it. Seems like they're untouchable even with the U.S. economy as it is. But then again, they're still getting money from fans desperately wanting new toys, merchandise and DVDs.
  10. Me too. Humor should be reserved for droids like HK-47. There are times when I wished they had no personality at all like in the Phantom Menace.
  11. 3rd Macross Frontier Album Sells 86,450 to Rank #2
  12. If Maia's shadow fighter is the first in the Shadow Chronicles Collection, what will the rest be? Besides recolors for everyone's Alpha, Beta, and Cyclone from the film, all that's left are the Invid drones, the Haydonite ships and personnel, and that advanced Shadow Fighter seen for a bit near the end. I'm still wondering how the last one is any different from the rest. Am I missing any?
  13. They show Heaven and Earth occasionally on the movie cable channels. I've never got to watch the whole thing in one sitting though.
  14. One that I remember fondly was The Debut by Gene Cajayon. It's a slice of life picture, pretty accurate of Filipino American life. Plus, it starred Dante "Rufio" Basco from Hook.
  15. Also, the U.S. is technically in a recession, so why spend money on a re-release with a different color and questionable quality? People should learn how to spend money more wisely, or at least stop giving it to these people if things like this tend to happen. Just screw authenticity and paint an existing fighter with Maia's colors if you want.
  16. Don't forget Kakizaki. If it was just Roy, Hikaru, Max and Kakizaki in the squadron, Max's promotion was probably a no brainer.
  17. Um, it was fun going along with everyone, but is this normal on these forums?
  18. I have my suspicions, but after digging through the Internet I think he came back to the RT forums as longbow385 promoting his show and projects. He gave himself away with when he confronted Treiz a while back.
  19. Can't believe it is almost over. After last season's finale, I thought the wait would be more painful. Actually, I almost forgot about it thanks to Macross Frontier.
  20. From the narration, it sounds like he was introduced to Robotech on Toonami, liked it and probably got pissed when he found out the history regarding Macross and the like. He might be disgruntled about either version or both.
  21. That's a lot of guns, like Gundam Heavyarms. Stick Bernard would approve.
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