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  1. No, I've heard nothing about there being a season 2, just me wishing. Hopefully my post doesn't start any crazy rumors about it. It's just that things are doing good for the series, hell the franchise, right now that Kawamori can if he wants to. I won't complain if he goes back to it after that basketball anime he's doing and probably another Armored Core game. Just to make sure: I have heard nothing about a Macross Frontier season 2. Serious
  2. I wouldn't worry so about how the movie will be. If it's going to be a retelling, it will probably end up ranging from decent to good. Macross is Kawamori's baby after all, give him the money, resources, and some ground rules (unless being a troll also means being a rebel) and he'll get it done in his own quirky way. I'm more interested in whether or not there will be a Macross Frontier season 2.
  3. From the Robotech perspective, it's still funny how they changed from fighter planes to space helicopters due to story limitations. Though they made reasons for the changes between generations, the military must have been smoking/drinking a lot of Protoculture to give up on a lot of things like the Valkyrie program first Veritech. No wonder they lost Earth. I guess there's some consultation for the lack of Southern Cross love. The lore from the series was incorporated into the history of the Robotech universe and defined Protoculture until they went overboard with the idea. I've heard it went way out there by the end of the novels, so I guess Southern Cross ended up shaping the Robotech universe through the good and the bad times. That's probably why I like watching the original series as its own thing, it's simpler and not as full of itself. And the Auroran looks cool too without all that Robotech generational luggage.
  4. At the price they're selling the Toynami Beta combined with the economy these days, it must feel like it still costs people that left testicle, kidney and child. Even worse, there are variants coming out with, possibly, the same story. Unfortunately, I'm not that adventurous with money, but I feel for you.
  5. A clip on cliches: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pAPR4rutxk
  6. Being a Palladium/Robotech book, I wonder how reliable the information in it really is? Not just in terms of playing an RPG.
  7. Probably a saving grace for all those bad movies that come every so often. It's good to know there are people who think the same way. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8zAwIX0PnE More to come.
  8. Actually, that's something I've been wondering about. Now that the first Beta is out are there any other toys they can release that isn't a rehash or color variant of a previous toy?
  9. Sheryl was okay because she didn't do it much. Basara on the other hand couldn't go an episode without saying the damn thing. "Listen to my song!" "Dammit Basara, can you please let me do the shooting and killing in peace? I'm working here!"
  10. I can't read the artist's name/writing on the side of the pics very well. Just wondering who made these?
  11. "You can still fight when you're drunk!" -Roy Focker, Clash of the Bionoids (Macross: Do You Remember Love? dub)
  12. If the BBTS situation is going to be a hassle for people, maybe it'll be better to look for other stores without those restrictions. There are a lot of e-stores all around without this problem that could be selling the same things for better prices.
  13. Don't forget the Blu-ray Disc version, which is just a reprint of the other two... but in excessive HD.
  14. I've been messing around with my psp-1000 and playing Star Ocean First Departure. I never got the chance to try out the DeJap Rom translation of the original but probably will later to see the what changed from the original. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Ocean:_First_Departure
  15. I've been trying to find the OP end ED myself. Luckily, I found the full ending at least on youtube so Deja Vu (full) should be there somewhere: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87dHCq06pKI
  16. I just realized that while Macross ended twice, Robotech (the Macross Saga) ended three times with the abrupt end to The Sentinels. Until the novels cleared up what happened, it was their own cryptic version of Flashback 2012 with a wedding and genocide.
  17. I saw that trailer too, my first thought was Michael Bay was hired to boost ratings. I was enthusiastic about the new show when it premiered but lost interest after the first episode. KITT lost some of his charm now, like how he can transform into other vehicles like a truck and etc. As for his personality, I liked how Joel McHale from E!'s The Soup summed it up: "No, I asked for anti-lock brakes, not passive-aggressive douche airbags." And where's the Hoff?
  18. Southern Cross was an okay show with some ideas that made it unique compared to other series. I guess for a show with a small(?) following I guess it's too bad it got canceled early. Robotech put some of the stuff cut from the show into their lore and RPG, but does anyone know where the show would've gone with a full budget?
  19. It's kind of old now, but has anyone seen the Transformers fandub from the guys who made the Juggernaut videos on youtube?
  20. From the Sentinel's Curse to the Shadow Chronicles Curse, at least Robotech and its fan projects are consistent.
  21. Hmm, that's interesting and at a good price too. I might pick it up when it comes around. When the page is updated, I hope it lists extras as well. http://www.amazon.com/Exosquad-Season-1-Ro...9708&sr=8-1
  22. The last episodes were decent, except for the revival of the love triangle. In the long run, it set the stage for the series to become a franchise with man spreading out into space and etc. Sure, that also applied to Robotech, but they wasted that opportunity for the sake of syndication.
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