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  1. Poor Tyrol, the writers were especially cruel to him this week.
  2. Maybe they were trying to make a statement about the new direction of the franchise. "Yeah, we took material from other shows to make our series in the past, but now we have the resources to make our own stuff. No more novels, RPGs, and comic books, it's time for the big screen. And this only cost us $5 million, so suck on that Kawamori!" It also helps that the fandom is desperate for anything regardless of quality. They may rant about their products later, but in the end HG still has their $30-$200 per sale, or in Palladium Game's case from the "Crisis of Treachery," per pity sale.
  3. At that point, fans will buy anything at any price. The trick is keeping the fragile Alpha in good condition for five years in or out of the box.
  4. Commentary on the Maia Alpha recall and Toyami Robotech releases over the years: http://www.rdfunderground.com/0021
  5. No, no, no, it's supposed to be show accurate with the Haydonites' blessings. Sneaky bastards. Prepare to buy it again this summer if you still want it.
  6. Did anyone see this coming? Maia Shadow Fighter Recall!
  7. I think that's why I like Battlestar Galactica especially with the last seasons, they are NOT playing around. It's going to be a good, but depressing 9 episodes left with everything going to hell. I will probably need something more upbeat to watch when it's all over.
  8. I heard this was only test footage for a proposed film not even green lighted. It pretty much passed the test for me. If it stays close to the original material, someone get the ball running on this ASAP.
  9. This the first time I heard about this. Moe is a sneaky force. He's not dead yet, just going through what I hope is just writer's block. It sounds too depressing to be true though.
  10. With stuff like this overused in the industry I understand why some people are sad about the state it's in. Although quality material is still being made, it's usually overshadowed by this only because the staggering amount, appeal, and profit. By comparison, though, it can be worse in foreign markets. Like in my part of the U.S., whenever I go to an anime section in a store most of the series being released have moe blobs written all over them as the prominent quality. I thought licensing companies here were supposed to filter crap like this, not sell out to the masses (or who they think are the masses).
  11. There's nothing wrong with moe girls, but the author's point is probably that it's being used too much in modern anime to appeal to a the audience and is, perhaps, mutating.
  12. It's XT as in extreme. You know, like whenever an X is put after something to make it hardcore: VF-1S- EXTREME!!!
  13. From the animation company's side, DR Movie, it's probably more impressive when converted to Korean Wons. Current rates turn $5 million into ₩6759000000 (KRW).
  14. I really didn't see moe getting as big as it is. While it's popular in certain circles there are others who are really getting sick of it as a cliche of anime. The reason? This blogger has begun to count the ways: The Cooking Moe The Retarded Moe Thoughts?
  15. After hearing his shows this week, I'm honestly not really sure. I think he's frustrated with the current Robotech situation like others and has branched out talking about other things as well. I guess I felt charitable and wanted to spread the word. Plus, I wanted to follow the rules about keeping Robotech drama in this thread for a change. Don't worry, he's harmless. Not like the other one.
  16. For a series in the process of reviving itself, you have to wonder sometimes what is really going on behind the scenes with this silent treatment. Besides existing productions, online sources for Harmony Gold like the homepage, imdb, and wikipedia (who knows how reliable these sources are) doesn't mention anything new being worked on by the company since 07-08. Would it surprise anyone if something big like layoffs at HG, the IP getting sold to someone else, or the company going bankrupt happen out of nowhere? Anyone good in business or economics have a take on this?
  17. Well, can't blame him for the lack of material with the franchise really quiet at the moment. Except for some blurbs about merchendise, "movie" updates, and convention panels, who knows what the situation is.
  18. Now that you mention it, this cracked me up: http://www.atalude.net/wp-content/uploads/...31675284304.jpg
  19. Hmm, I didn't know the Laserdisc industry was still alive up until right now: Pioneer Stops Making Laserdisc Players After 27 Years An end of an era I guess.
  20. That sucks, I'm surprised they just muted the affected songs. It might be a courtesy warning for the posters but I expected them to immediately delete them out of nowhere. Without the audio, why bother keeping the video online?
  21. The R.D.F. Underground podcast by Justy Ueki is back after a long hiatus and keeping the dream alive: http://www.rdfunderground.com/
  22. No heart, no love, reduce other people's work to filler to fulfill syndication requirements, and come up with a rationalization later. I guess I should have said maximizing profits by taking credit for everything they didn't make themselves and make a franchise out of it. You end up with the resources (and toys) of three series to work with. The predicted result:
  23. When they first started Robotech, I doubt they cared about the original works. It's always been about making money.
  24. Unfortunately, Robotech made the connection possible somehow and people swear to it even now. However, most of the debates revolve around the Robotech versions of each mecha, or at least I think there were changes made like running on Protoculture, etc. Sometimes it turns really ugly too.
  25. Exactly, everywhere else in the Internet can't stop talking about that crap, all because someone said, "This is the second generation of our story, honest," and rolled with it.
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