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  1. Hi folks! A friend gave me a Yamato 1/60 V1 VF-1S Roy (the toy from 2001), but it's naked! Really looking most for the GU-II gunpod, but I would also love to get the heat shield, missiles, and antenna if available! Thanks.
  2. Well the fun thing about this is people finally know the terms of the agreement between Tatsunoko and Harmony Gold and exactly how long the license is for: Sept 11th 1984 Tatsunoko grants license to HG for 7 years, so until 1991 Mar 15th 1991 Tatsunoko grants license to HG for 10 years, so until 2001 Aug 6th 1998 Tatsunoko amends license agreement until 2011 Mar 20th 2008 Tatsunoko amends license agreement until 2021 So there goes the theory that the license is indefinite or that they "sold" the property to Harmony Gold. It's still a limited term license. Yes, than can renew it forever if they want to, but they don't have to. Now all the HG arguments can be fought with clearer knowledge! Hooray!
  3. I realllllly really want Mylene's VF-11 MAXL.
  4. Oh, sorry, no, I want one booster for one leg armor. Let's see, from the robot's point of view, the booster is right side and the missing leg armor is also right leg.
  5. Hey folks, I have a Hi-Comical Model (Joke Machine) Max VF-1A Fast Pack (just one of the boosters) and I'd like to trade it for the leg armor for a DYRL Hi-Comical Model. Doesn't matter if it's Hikaru or Max, they're the same. The only reason the booster is Max is it has the blue circle Skull logo sticker on it. Any takers?
  6. Seriously? Anemic and fragile is how I'd describe SHE kits, not chunky and tough and easy to transform.
  7. Penguin just said, "Considering the VF-4G only appeared in games"... and I was saying, no it did not only appear in games.
  8. Uh, the VF-4 was in the anime. It was in Flashback 2012. Since next year is 2012, that's obviously a good time to make a toy of the VF-4.
  9. I love the 19, but let's get real: The VF-1 is the most popular machine in all of Macross, period. Also, I am super excited about both the VF-19S and the VF-19P, maybe slightly more excited for the 19P! I also hope the pods on the shoulders are removable, but I won't cry if they aren't! Looks really sweet either way! Also long as it's white with red stripes and not the whale blood stained robot, I'm down!
  10. I got my Rodimus last night and took my time transforming it. No real problems, but you've gotten take it slow and be careful. The guy in the video pretty clearly manhandled it.
  11. Hi folks, I'm looking for a beater 1/55 Max VF-1J to use for a custom. Takatoku, Joon's bootleg, Bandai reissue, it doesn't matter. I am replacing the head so I don't care if the head lasers are broken or if the head is even missing it's not a problem. Don't need any accessories, but I prefer the shoulders and backpack unbroken if possible. Anyone have one of these laying around?
  12. Had a very successful trade with Valiantknight! Thanks again!
  13. Thanks guys. Looks like Valiantknight and I are gonna trade because I really do want just the VF-1S Hikaru and not the VF-1J Hikaru or VF-1S Roy. Thanks!
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