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Macross DYRL TV Special Finally online! Have to watch!

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So the infamous DYRL TV Special is finally out of the bag! Someone posted their version online!

For the old timers, if you remember our good friend Seiichi, he provided me a copy which I had translated (none other than Matt Alt!) 15 years ago, had subbed, and showed at I think 2 MW Cons, way back in the day. The subbed version disappeared with another old MW member who moved out of state.

Been looking for my copy since, but now someone else has posted theirs! This TV Special is absolutely incredible, and worth the 30 minutes to view in its entirety. When you get to the 21 minute 21 second mark, you'll get goosebumps going behind the scenes at Tatsunoku Studios when they are actually animating the movie.

Enjoy the video, and enjoy the translation, which I'm attaching as a PDF here!!

1...2...3... MACROSS!!!!!!!!!!!




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For those trying to match up the translation to the video, it appears the copy I had was missing the first segment!

So start with the PDF when they come back from the first commercial break at 6:36.



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Thanks so much for posting this Shawn!  Hopefully someone will bring us a version with built in or embedded english subs.


Also I would love to see Macross fastest Liftoff with English subs.

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sunglasses man is Yamamoto shinya, he is an acclaimed director, I search him because I was getting offended about his deprecating jokes towards macross fans in the audience

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barurutor, unfortunately we get an access denied message, from the US at least.

That would explain why the video I found had the songs removed, so it would not get flagged by Victor's robots.

(oh and please don't mention how to get around this restriction here, we respect their copyrights)


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17 hours ago, barurutor said:

this one starts from around 14:30 of the video Shawn posted but has much clearer picture


Mari Ijima/Lynn Minmay...the original Macross Songstress....accept no imitations! :wub:

Thanks for posting the link! :good:

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