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  1. Strike Vector is on Steam now. Fast paced aerial shooter, like Crimson Skies and Quake 3 had a baby.
  2. Is that official animation? If not, that is very impressive...
  3. I highly recommend the book. It's a light read (I finished it in an afternoon), but very engaging. The book is basically a bunch of interviews with survivors, laid out in order from the start of the war to the end.
  4. Totally loved the movie. I'm not real big into Sarah Silverman, but she was incredible as Vanellope. She really brought the character to life. Sugar Rush looks mostly like a Mario Kart clone. Even had a Rainbow Road segment in there.
  5. Looks like "2012" , but with zombies instead of earthquakes.
  6. Picked up Prime Arcee and FoC Jazz at TRU last night. Arcee is a decent figure, nice transformation. Jazz is a nice toy, if it came in a McDonalds Happy Meal box. Seriously, I was insulted I paid $15 for it.
  7. I got into one of the alpha tests, and the gameplay was pretty awesome. The mechs could use some more customization options, but it really doesn't hurt the overall experience.
  8. I haven't seen any mention of Hawken It's like a mechwarrior light. More than just a FPS in mech skin. Strike Suit Zero is nearing beta, and it is looking to scratch my quick and dirty space combat itch really good. https://www.youtube....d&v=GAXqCQrW44I
  9. I miss my old die cast lion voltron. It had like 12 various blades for each lion, and what seemed like 100 tiny yellow missiles. More importantly, it was awesome. This was in the early 80's, and it cost $200 then. I can imagine the price for it now... --EDIT-- Just went back a page and saw the Trendmasters re-issue. That was the exact same box! I wonder if it comes with the tiny missiles... Lets see, the Blue Lion had a disk launcher, and a pop up missile launcher on the head. Yellow Lion had the big missile launcher on his back...
  10. Just finished ME3 last night. Not sure if I liked the ending or not.
  11. I'm looking for some friends to play multiplayer ME3 with. My Origin ID is oneklump. Hit me up with a friend request, I'd love to have some decent peeps to fight with!
  12. Loaded up the F2P STO, and I still love my ships and characters, but SWTOR has me in it's grasp, and what a wonderful grasp it is.
  13. Ah, I see. My email was a bit different then.
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