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  1. That's the main idea. I will try to make a clip into the upper intake so that it provides some stability, but I'll start drafting it out this weekend. Between work and school, I haven't as much time as I used to.
  2. Nice set of decals. I am still needing to make those back ailerons. I am hoping to soon be able to get back into redesigning the upper verniers that lead to the wings. I've been so busy, but I hope I can do this soon.
  3. Well, the other thing is, I do want to frame a couple posters, but then, what do I do with the rest? I guess I can maybe come up with a way to make an interchangeable frame, but gah, so many and never enough space. I think my wife would kill me if I decided to put every poster up on every wall (and ceilings, too).
  4. I started getting into collection other posters that weren't B2-A2, but at this point, I decided to stop. Due to the fact that most of it is in books and easily be seen without having to shell out a wad of cash, I've decided to stick to my original poster sizes I started off with. Now, that doesn't mean I won't jump at the chance for extremely rare ones, but I think most of the ones I've wanted out of those sizes are already acquired. I'm still looking for a few that I really want in B2 size, but having a decently large size of them already, I'm in no rush anymore. The last one I got that was of the rarer breed, was a B2 of Macross Delta that was more of a promo poster given at Wonderfest in either late 2015, or winter 2016. I had Kawamori sign it at AX 2016, and when he saw it, he was quite surprised and commented on how he was happy to see people here interested in the show (it was airing at the time). I should post it, but I'd have to go into a room full of collectible stuff to find it. I'll get it out eventually.
  5. Jasonc

    MΔ - VF-9

    I'm building the one I have at a snail's pace. Mostly to make sure that what I do paint, stays painted, but the parts I have put together work very well, and seem quite solid. I've actually mixed the professional plastic with some of the WSF stuff, and it seems to work well. Where I need more detail, the Professional, and where I know I'll be moving a lot of parts, the WSF. I have to find where I put the gun though. I was finished with that part.
  6. Jasonc

    MΔ - VF-9

    That looks great. Is that a paint you put on it, or is it a dye? I looks very uniform throughout the parts. I can't wait to see an update on your work. I started doing a lacquer primer on all the parts. Unfortunately, the dye didn't work as well as I wanted it to, so I just decided to sand the parts a little thinner, and then focus on a really good paint job free (as much as possible) of friction. I did decide to do the MtR version, although, still not at 100%. I'm not big on the character who pilots it in the series, and because I don't know it, I'm not sure yet. Maybe I'll do a second version, one with the early VF-9 Cutlas grey color. I had to order yellow and orange lacquer paint so I can mix and then pain the yellow and the red parts, so when that comes in, I'll start on the actual painting. Until then, just got a bunch of parts heavily coated in white primer to sand down and smooth out over several times. So far, the cockpit, and the leg section and head are ready for the colored paint. No pics at this time.
  7. I guess I'll have to check mine tonight. Is it a pin in there, or a screw? If it is a pin, if it can be removed, a slight sanding of the pin with an 800 grit sandpaper may fix it. If it is knurled pins, that will tell you right away what needs to be done. I only transformed mine once, and it has been in the box since then, so it should be good (fingers crossed).
  8. Jasonc

    Macross figures

    I just purchased A and B, and will probably get the C version when I'm in Japan next year in June, but I think A and B are different enough to get the feel of the sculpt well enough. I can't wait until they show up. I'm kind of a huge Sheryl collector, so oddly, for that character, I go a bit out of the way.
  9. Jasonc

    MΔ - VF-9

    Heres how the dye came out. Mind you, I used putty on spots, so those are the off color sections, but it does work.
  10. Jasonc

    Macross figures

    Got a set already. Just waiting for shipping. They are all well sculpted, but I'm interested in this as well...
  11. Jasonc

    MΔ - VF-9

    I just got the gun pod and landing gear, along with v.4 of the canard. I must say, I'm very happy with the gunpod. The fact that the handle collapses and the fin collapses is really great. I ordered it in black professional, and it looks ready to go right away, but I just primed it so that I can do cleanup on some parts. I'm looking forward to this being the first part I finish of this kit. I did manage to get some of my resin dyes and managed to mix a red with warm water. I soaked a couple of the WSF parts in it, and they seem to be a solid red color (minus parts I patched and smoothed out. I think this might be something to look into if you buy the WSF parts. I'm going to try this with some of the other WSF parts I have and just sand them before putting them in a dye. If this works, this may be the way I go. The dye I used is called So Strong, which can be bought through Smooth-On. They have red, black, yellow, brown, and all sorts of others. I'm going to test this out longer.
  12. Looks great, man. Your painting skills are on point. A long time ago, this inspired me to do a Yamato unassembled kit combining the Alaska base green, and the MtF style color scheme. I never started, but this brings it back to life for me. Again, great job.
  13. Jasonc

    MΔ - VF-9

    There is metal printing available through Shapeways, but that is probably something I'd stay away from. It really doesn't need it, save for the screws and pins.
  14. Jasonc

    MΔ - VF-9

    I started on the first coat of yellow for the MtR version, and so far, it seems to be a good idea. This is just on the white prints, and not the grey version. I have a feeling that the grey won't work as well, due to the fact that it's much smoother, but I haven't tried it yet. For the white printed parts (what used to be WSF), it helps a lot with worrying about scratching the paint and seeing the under coat, or the white of the material. I did do my first sanding of it after the paint set, and it retained a lot of the yellow color, which means that the paint is under the surface, still retaining the desired color. For the paint, I used an acrylic paint, and thinned it out to about 40%. This helped it to coat nice and thin, and it's consistency is thin enough to get it well under the top layer of the material. I'll get a pic up tonight at some point. BTW, Xigfrid, are those magnets on the wings? Do you have a link for them?
  15. Jasonc

    MΔ - VF-9

    I was going to start this over the weekend. Thanks so much for this. I'm trying to work on fitting certain pieces together now, so as long as I can get it together, I'll be getting these done soon. I mixed my yellow together with a hint of orange, and so I have the tint that's needed, along with the red and the rest of the colors.
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