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  1. Bandai DX VF-31

    Wait, till you get Arad's 31S. Delta Squadron will blow you away.
  2. Friendly advice. Just end your Double 00 experience with the series. Pass on the movie. Just collect the figures from it.
  3. The Official Moscato Hobby Models Thread

    A 1/6th scale transforming Ride Armors?
  4. Bandai DX VF-31

    I forgot how 'magenta' looking the VF-31C is.
  5. YetiStand Alpha.

  6. Bandai DX VF-31

    Yup. As Sanity posted, it’s on May 28 for Nippon-Yasan. Shipping notice for what? VF-31C Super Parts? Which NY says it’s going to get released on the 28th. Or the VF-31A? If so, when is your order date?
  7. Bohemian Rhapsody

    Nice trailer. Looks like him.

    The rear section of the bike needs to be changed too. Yellow's bike have one big exhaust instead of two. Lovely!
  9. Calibre Wings 1/72 diecast VF-1

    How much detail to add indeed? Hmmm. Maybe this time we will get to see how the double tailhook looks like on a VF-1 Valkyrie?
  10. Oh, I'm sure you have the first Seven Sword version to play to begin with.
  11. Bandai DX VF-31

    ^ This. I'm only just waiting for Elvis.
  12. Bandai DX VF-31

    Nope. You didn't miss anything.
  13. Calibre Wings 1/72 diecast VF-1

    ^ She's pretty... and kind of scary at the same time.
  14. The Official Moscato Hobby Models Thread

    Cool! Let us know then. Thanks for checking on that, Cap'n!

    Thanks for the reply regarding Sentinel boxes. Though, don't get me wrong. I'm not too anal about it. And I don't have plans on selling it 'mint'. For all I care, I can just toss away the boxes since it's taking too much of my space. And if I'm going to sell it, I don't mind selling it less if I don't have the boxes anymore. The only concern I have is that when I stack them it won't hold the form much properly since the plastic and thin box are already flimsy to begin with.

    I can't really say that it's super bad. But I only wish they gave us the first prototype look and not the 'fixed' look.
  17. Calibre Wings 1/72 diecast VF-1

    This is good news. But I'll rather pay $200 for a definitive diecast non-transforming Calibre Wings VF-1 in 1/48 scale. Just to have a VF-1 centerpiece in my collection. And in this specific scheme: Hikaru VF-1S with and without Strike Packs.
  18. Nice., Anubis! What's the game plan, one for each 00 Seven Sword and one for 00 Raiser?
  19. Gundam Figure Thread - Newtype GN-002

    True. But I'm still welcome on having a Metal Build White Astraea in the future. Oh yeah. Forgot that one. Weird that Bandai didn't include that on the MG version.

    Hey @Kuma Style. Since you mentioned you collect most of Sentinel stuff. Can I ask is this how they package their stuff and if all the materials they use for their packages are the same? The box paper stock feels too flimsy. And the plastic used also for the tray is also flimsy. And it has too much empty unnecessary space which added to the whole 'flimsi-ness' of the overall package. I have a feeling that this certain set can somehow could've fit in one big sturdy Robot Damashii box. By the way, got both of my Ley's from HLJ yesterday. Only gripe I have is that Ley's gun nozzle/barrel is too short for my taste.
  21. The Official Moscato Hobby Models Thread

    Hey Cap'n. Quick question. Is there any option out there that I can look or maybe include in your set bundle for the Riobot 1/12 Mospeada to make Ley's gun nozzle a little bit longer? Like I could just insert it with the existing nozzle hole just to make it longer kind-of thing. I just find his gun's nozzle too short for my taste.
  22. Gundam Figure Thread - Newtype GN-002

    Me too. I already have the MB version. Though the MG version includes the Dash Parts already whereas with MB, you have to buy it separately.
  23. Looks like it's official... for now.(?) 【『マクロスΔ』劇場版、製作決定!】先ほどまでROCK IN JAPAN FES.でステージを熱く盛り上げたワルキューレ!そのワルキューレが活躍する『マクロスΔ』の劇場版が製作決定!ワルキューレも『マクロスΔ』もとまらない! 【"Macross Δ" Movie version, making decision! 】 Valkyre that excited the stage hotly with ROCK IN JAPAN FES. The theatrical version of "Macross △" that Valkyrie plays an active role is made and decided! Valkyrie also does not stop "Macross Δ"! From AnimeNewsNetwork: The Walküre idol group announced at the "Rock in Japan Festival 2017" event on Sunday that the Macross Deltatelevision anime series is getting an anime film project. The project is the latest work to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Macross franchise. The staff will reveal more information about the film at a later date.