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  1. My Ryzen system is an R5 3600 mini-ITX build that replaced a larger Haswell HTPC. I’m looking to repurpose the Haswell system as a DIY NAS but haven’t had time to dive into the options. The Ivy Bridge system is my daily driver. The upgraded parts should be able to handle a little bit of everything, while also running games well at UWHD resolutions. I’m thinking of using the R9 3900X for this build.
  2. HaHa! Yeah, how it rolls (or not) is still a mystery. And here's another picture of the bottom of fighter mode to confuse things. Now I really want to see that rear landing gear, and whether or not the F-15 keeps a level profile when all gear are down.
  3. Ah! I see your point, Chronocidal. Thanks! I'm using the picture that shows the bottom of the MP in alt mode, so I guess this is my perspective on the whole debate. The cover juts out above the bot-mode chest, as noted. What isn't clear is whether that piece is on its own level above everything else or if it's on the same level with the top of the leg thrusters which house the rear landing gear. If the latter, then I'm okay with the compromise. If the former, then it's a meh solution indeed. I think @M'Kyuun noted that it reminded him of the ER seeker solution. Yeah, I can see
  4. New images of Master Made's SD Devastator, which I've been waiting for going on three years (link to Toys United Nations on fb): https://www.facebook.com/玩具聯合國-變形金剛粉絲團-138692049899157/?__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARCnbJOEulj8K7XJmU1eeAcytEnxvTpGBE4ld6AJUbBsRXdqVhdWsXpFyN9ZlVhJ_uulac8y1A3Mqo6Z&hc_ref=ARTMdxoDHcdRHjzJtweLottVjAGUnB9V2KDhDNI-CAEKHLflSkadgH_Ib3K4GtVIbis&fref=nf I wonder if MM will do any more combiners?
  5. Not sure who said that here, although I do hope that it's true. It remains to be seen if the quality is there. That's a big IF. All I've said is that the MP-11 and Maketoys seekers that were in my collection over the years have left me wanting. Each of them improved on what came before, but fell short of what I was looking for at this scale. Ironically, rumor has it that Takara needed to get rights permission for the F-15 alt so someone thought it was good enough for them to pay up. I guess you guys have another reason to complain about the inflated price.
  6. I have a newer Ryzen system with a 10-series card and an older Ivy Bridge system (which I'm upgrading soon). The upgraded Ivy Bridge system will probably get a new video card, but I'm willing to wait it out and see how things settle down after Big Navi.
  7. *shrug* They're two different designs. I think the designers who worked on both have every right to be proud of their creations. If someone prefers Maketoys over the new MP far be it from me to persuade them to think otherwise, but I'm still not seeing how Takara's prototype is laughably inaccurate or a train wreck. I'm not willing to take part in any meme that downplays the effort that went into projects like this. I mean, it's far and away from what I do for my day job. I wouldn't even know where to begin to critique it. All I can speak to is that my experience with Maketoys seekers has
  8. Aye. The whole back of the fighter breaks apart into panels to create the bot mode torso so some panels are necessary, but making things too complicated creates an added delicacy. The worry, for me anyway, is that Bandai starts back down the path that gave use the VF-171 DX triangles. *shivers*
  9. I'll give my minority opinion, I guess. I like how clean the top of the F-15 alt is on this new version. I mean, it really comes together in my eyes. To me, the armatures of MP-11's null-rays were more of an eyesore than the ones we see here. Also, on my copies of Starscream and Acid Storm back in the day these armatures had a bad habit of popping off. Not a big deal, but not excellent either. It's also pretty cool that the null-rays at the end of the amatures can transform to show a completely different loadout. I do wonder if the new version will include a rack of missiles like MP-11.
  10. Albeit a dated metric, the Nielsen ratings for TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise are published and readily available on-line. There’s even a handy chart. Here’s an imgur post that references it (it also includes audience metrics from modern sites like imdb, which flatten the curves in some instances): https://m.imgur.com/gallery/ieRHR As @Seto Kaiba noted, Enterprise was the worst performing Trek show when looking at the Nielsen data. At its peak, it was still performing less than DS9 in its hey day, and it was only just able to match Voyager’s performance early on. TNG is uniqu
  11. Toon accuracy confirmed. I've made my peace with that and Takara's MPs. Here's hoping the quality is on point, because it'll be nice to have a seeker in the collection again. Screamer's Gerwalk mode is suitably boss and chunky. It's almost ironic, given MP-03's origins.
  12. ^ Love that parody. Thanks for posting it here @mechaninac
  13. Discovery had a solid pilot episode. I really enjoyed the diversity of the bridge crew and yeah Anson Mount’s Pike was brilliant. Even Number One and Disco’s version of Spock were refreshing. My only wish, if I could turn back the clock on this, would be to have the show build more on the promise of camaraderie and exploration that was introduced in the pilot. The writers too quickly tossed out Star Trek precepts with the Disco crew in order to create a show that focused on dystopia and broken characters. This flavor of Sci-Fi works elsewhere and became really popular with the rise of Moo
  14. Got my order in for the Breakdown/Vehicon set too at the top of the hour. I also picked up Cyclonus and Warpath. That will do it for me at the moment.
  15. Sweet. First on my list to pre-order will be TF Prime Breakdown, since I foolishly sold off my Takara Legends version some time ago, and the extra flying Vehicon will be a cool bonus to add to my small Vehicon army. Kingdom looks like a cool mashup, but I'm not going to jump in the deep end this time around. I'll be sticking with the classic TV/Movie bots.
  16. It's interesting that you bring up Star Trek Continues, because in parallel with all the Axanar fuss that production team was filing for non-profit status with the IRS (which was accepted in 2016). The other big difference (as noted) being that CBS/Paramount had a better relationship with the STC team. All that is to say that I do recall one of the big sticking points being which the Axanar team was doing its fan production for profit through Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Whether that was the crux or not is speculative. I'm sure CBS/Paramount had a bevy of copyright claims. In any case, the Axana
  17. Rob Burnett has been posting some very cool videos to YouTube recently, archiving his work on the Axanar fan film project (before the whole thing was unceremoniously shut down). Anyway, I thought I would share the clips here for those interested. There's some really good effects work, and at the end of part one and three he mixes the shots with music. *sigh* What could have been. P.S. Watch for the SDF-1 in part three.
  18. Granted. Star Wars was a juggernaut back then, and Lynch's Dune also had an element of studio interference if I recall correctly. Anyway, I'm not trying to bag on his version since I do enjoy the old movie. It just would have been a nice twist on cinema history if Lynch had been able to stick to a form of creative martial arts that gave us scenes in Dune foreshadowing the Matrix-like cinematography we got fifteen years later. And all that's to say that I'm really very curious to see how Villeneuve will handle it, especially after seeing the trailer which teases the sparring match between
  19. SyFy did it better with Children of Dune. I agree SyFy's original miniseries was closer in spirit to the source material than Lynch's movie but there were a couple noteworthy distractions: 1) Paul is supposed to be a teenager and was played by Alec Newman who was in his 20s and looked his age. MacLachlan, in contrast, looked young for his age in Lynch's film. Interestingly, Newman's rugged looks worked in his favor when he reprised his role in Children. 2) The costumes were absurd to the point of being distracting. That's more of a budget constraint, but again Children was able to tone down th
  20. My first memory of Diana Rigg is many moons ago watching Masterpiece Mystery as a young lad. She was the host and would introduce each programme for the local PBS network in the 1980s. Later on, I watched On Her Majesty's Secret Service (which continues to be one of my favorite Bond films to this day) and I guess that's when I became a fan. I've seen her play in The Avengers, Bleak House, and even Doctor Who. Condolences to her family and friends.
  21. Don't listen to the haters. It's a minority opinion for sure, but I couldn't get into the low-tech Scy-Fy version either and I love Herbert's novels. In contrast, the new trailer is hitting a lot of high notes. I do hope they are able to succeed on the big screen this time around.
  22. Thanks @Keith! April 1st release. Shawne @ Rightstuf makes a good pitch for this. The autographed edition is very tempting as a collector’s item, especially if it reaches the 100 units sold stretch goal but for now I’m locked in for one at the Ultra+Artbook tier.
  23. Lenovo just accidentally confirmed that the 3070ti is a thing, so the flood gates are open I guess. https://www.dsogaming.com/news/nvidia-ampere-geforce-rtx-3070-ti-spotted-with-16gb-gddr6-vram-confirmed-by-lenovo/
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