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  1. Kicker773

    Jenius' Toy Wants

    Might let these extras go: Yamato 1/60 VF-22S M&M Yamato 1/60 YF-19 Weathering Edition Yamato 1/48 VF-1S Focker Weathering Edition
  2. Yeah I know. I haven’t gotten anything Macross other than the premium od Armored Thanos arrives tomorrow, supposedly Hawkeye and deluxe Hawkeye with BW is scheduled for August. Debating if I should pick up Cap Marvel, War Machine 005, and the newest Antman
  3. You can if it’s the model version or have the city elevated
  4. Just when I finally got this guy a renewal comes out. It’s ok just preordered that one and slap the Ragnarok head on it. Used a generic head to go under the helmet to save the original one. Next months gonna be a busy month...Ronin both versions and BW. Debating to get Antman. Preordered Rocket. I think I’m gonna wait until all the Endgame figs are together before opening any. But dammit my Thanos is already paid off and still hasn’t shipped.
  5. Kicker773

    Macross figures

    Specifically which one?
  6. They do come with cool gloves though lol
  7. Was this the ultimate one he had or was that different?
  8. Or you can also get the motorcycle versions.
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