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  1. Team Cap Team Tony Team Nidavellir Wakanda Team (Waiting on WS & BP) Titan Team
  2. Just finally finished collecting the Civil War line up....
  3. Found some old pictures might as well post them
  4. Thank you...I’ve been distracted with other things as of late and haven’t spent much time in there.
  5. Maybe just one Ivanov. I don’t think they'll be making any other variants anytime soon considering it’s taking them this long to release one.
  6. Might try the parts swap if I have time. Not sure if this has been posted before..
  7. Been fortunate enough to own four D’s (2 Virgins, 1 Trainer, and 1 unfinished (needs paint)pictured above). Not gonna count the two other unfinished kits. Maybe when NB4M releases or shares his upgraded version I’ll dice into finishing it.
  8. Noel is correct it’s part from HIQ. HLJ had them in stock. Speaking of D’s
  9. There are differences for the old folks still on the forum. Box difference with Velcro and alignment of the skulls on the tail fins for example. Check with Jenius. I know there are at least 4 Versions of the 1/48 with the latest one having a different box all together. You can also do a search if its on the new archives or lost in the old system.
  10. No.. I’ve strayed here long enough for one day.... Gotta move on to other interests..... Well maybe one last one for memories sake....
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