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  1. Yamato 1/2000 Recast or Original?

  2. Yamato 1/2000 Recast or Original?

    @Shawn it takes a long lurker to bring me out of hibernation. Definitely curious too as well on its origin @505thAirborne I did small vids and I haven't even finished unpacking the 1/60 and frontier stuff
  3. Yamato 1/2000 Recast or Original?

    I don't see a big west sticker but that wont confirm anything. The upside is yes it's 1/2000 scale but you also lose some of the originals gimmicks. The one listed looks like the cannons won't even separate. Someone on FB said it's the prototype for the Yamato version that was 3D printed but then again show me how the cannons separate because I know mine does. @505thAirborne I'm still here. Sad to say that I don't participate in most of these discussion as much anymore with the newbies around (can't believe I'm actually saying it). My collection is still here and staying strong. I've deviated a little bit and went hard in Hot toys Batman line so I didn't get started on the HMR and Delta line. But I've learned not to rush. Although I know that HMR VF2SS is gonna get me going again.
  4. Yamato 1/2000 Recast or Original?

    Not aware of any kit from WF but looks like a recast of the original. But if so it should be more in pieces and not as a one piece kit. It's either preassembled or block kit. For that price you might be lucky to find an original.
  5. Nolan's Iminime complete Yep, Deadpool approves
  6. Not a 1/6 but finally took her ouT
  7. Custom. Creator used SMD modules
  8. Been missing for a while but thought I'd share my small Batman Set up
  9. Thinking on parting with my 1/48's

    I might be interested in some and if you customs the more the better
  10. 1/60s: Magnets for attaching armor

    Yamato vf0S, VF0A
  11. M+ Drone Fighter 3D Printing Project Request

    I'm sorry man, but I'm gonna have to back out of this project. Its been a year since it started and honestly I don't think its gonna be done this year. I'm usually patient with projects but this has not gone as I expected. Allotted funds could have been gone elsewhere. I would like to get my full refund for my three kits (2 of which are painted). I paid all three in full with shipping and painting fees etc.
  12. Ideas on a custom valk scheme

  13. What is your collection missing?

    Basra and Mylene guitars, Gunpod, Meteor Buster, Macross Credit Card.