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  1. Gonna say this for everything that is due to be released in the near future... in the words of Aurelio: “Alright, it will be ready, Christmas 2030..”
  2. She won’t need a hangar if you sold the hangar, problem solved
  3. Missing Hikaru VF1S and VF1J Weathered, might as well include it since Roy Weathered is up there.
  4. Jenius go to a Michaels and fine a clear plastic sheet and cut it to the shape of the visor. You can add anything inside of it. Or the other route has there was basically a clear solid plastic molded as a one piece visor. They were sold on the forum years ago in different colors
  5. For a second i thought you wrote *stared at that beautiful d1(|<*
  6. I might let go a mib low viz version 1 not sure yet
  7. Kicker773

    Macross figures

    I think there was a resin kit for Ray and Vefidas forgot what scale. Glad I picked up the Arcadia reissue
  8. Just collecting 2-7, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 46 Anniv, 47, 49, 50. Just waiting on reissue if Mark 1 to die cast version. Preordered 85 and battle damage. After that I’m done with Iron man.
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