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  1. I still have the other 1/72 destroids unbuilt unfortunately. I was actually planning on taking a picture with the 1/60 tomahawks
  2. Closed my FB account. Kept insta instead
  3. I’m afraid to take out the Roy’s. There are like 4 versions and the three can get confusing due to the markings and box type (not including the last one with new “small box” and of course there is the weathered Roy. Whatever happened to the rest of the 1/48 OG? Godzilla was one and I forgot the other one. Miss those days, now we got kids. Good to rearrange the storage boxes, found out that I have three of the TV max and Ben. Always a surprise to find things I thought I didn’t have. So two of each unopened Couldn’t resist posting while I slowly dust through the 1/60 first...sorry led lights wasn’t on. Valk porn coming soon...
  4. Organized the boxes and tempted to let them out. I still have 1/48 boxes wrapped with plastic from someone I bought on the forum in 09 I think. Anyways might lay them all in valk mode while I dust.
  5. Any other way to contact him other than FB?
  6. Jason finished it for me
  7. I have two on the side and gonna need someone to tackle it now that the monster is done
  8. Version 2 and it’s Mike’s kit.
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