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  1. Tempting on the Amakaka Ryu No Hirameki. Does the base looks like it’s from a ship or from the roof top (anime). I do see a clock (too big for a pocket watch that Hoji carries around on the base. It’s not a serpent but a dragon. LoL Damn double Battou-Jutsu. Tempting but with the Hot Toys End Game coming out that’s gonna be a hard swing. Gonna have to settle for these guys for now unless I unload some of the Macross doubles.
  2. Just missing a Nick Fury and a Loki (latest version) then I think I’m caught up.
  3. No only that set and there was the executive edition lol jk
  4. Armored Thanos released in HK. So maybe Feb for US. Last payment plan is Jan. Yesss
  5. wishing for them to re-release Mark 1 in diecast then I’m done.
  6. Tempting....but need a ragnarok Loki first and a Fury..
  7. @Mommar didn’t think which series they came from matter, but kept it in scale... It took sometime to transform them....but 2 from previous image....add the other 19 you requested..... viola 21 CF with supers... First one to the bottom left I figured should be TVJ with TV super (added the strike cannon), followed by TV1A with super, Movie 1A with super but with clear option parts, then the rest of the series: Plus, 7, then Frontier. Didn’t include Zero for some reason because when I think of super FP, I think more of outer space necessity. The 17Ds look like bombers compared to the 171. Dusting continues...
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