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  1. i sold my Vive in 2018 so watched a playthrough of Half-Life: Alyx, looks absolutely unreal! incredible ending and can only imagine how much better it was in VR. i've played Half-Life since Uplink demo so it's like getting a new Portishead album lol
  2. if someone does the Arcadia clear display stand I'll buy 10
  3. apptt4

    Hi-Metal R

    how good is hmr
  4. pre-orders for the Ultimate Scout and Ultimate Armoured Lost Predators are open
  5. https://news.toyark.com/2020/02/22/toy-fair-2020-neca-aliens-and-predator-379728 yeap i'm going all in on Alien, love the new digital whatsit they do with the faces. i'm interested in the Deluxe Armored Assassin, was pretty happy with the last one what else can they do with it?
  6. owiginal piwate matewial / yaw wistening to The Streets / lock down yaw aewial
  7. hope your valk is alright. it was the yeti stand elbow part that broke?
  8. apptt4

    Hi-Metal R

    too true! this one not done by Tenjin.
  9. yeah same, AE couldn't give af. i used googletranslate to fill out the form at www.arcadia.ac/contact. message was something like "hello, i purchased an SV-51 and have the incorrect legs. please send replacement to my address, cheers."they had them sent out quick smart, they have done this a lot lol
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