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  1. great pic. how are those stands compared to tamashii stage act 4 and 5's?
  2. they did, I pre-ordered with them.
  3. apptt4

    Hi-Metal R

    like that a lot mate
  4. no. imo it is the worst Macross design i have ever seen, each mode absolute garbage that not even Saburo can make look good. the more I see it the less I like it. I'm also hesitant to put negativity online or criticise something people are clearly enjoying. to each their own, I'm glad for those who love it
  5. I absolutely love NECA, tho they do have quality control issues. knee and elbow joints can wear out fairly quickly, small pegs can snap off. personally I just accept it, but when really bad NECA will ship you a replacement part.
  6. check out the last few pages, there is discussion on proxy sites.
  7. after proxy and the Oz GST I expect this to cost more than the SDF-1 PF. I'm in, looks fantastic!
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