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  1. apptt4

    Hi-Metal R

    VF-1D shipped from nin-nin game
  2. The Boys views superheroes as the ultimate combination of celebrity and athlete. what might those people be like? probably some sick sick puppies... I'll give it a chance.
  3. show her, that she may know you better
  4. v v excited for this one. hopefully the wings won't sag, tho I love it enough I'm willing to support with stands.
  5. increase production numbers Bandai pls
  6. i did it the same way, except phone browser wouldn't allow login to paypal. i had to type entire card info in, but it still went through and shows up in My Orders. thank you for the link!
  7. i think i got one from AE... paypal payment accepted at least.
  8. yeah nah. not willing to pay that, and really quite disappointed this is what it's come to.
  9. what i do when this happens, is click through to any other page and click on the box to type your reply. at the bottom you should have a "clear editor" message.
  10. not yet. bandaionline want more than AU$100 more, I'll take my chances waiting on cheaper.
  11. https://www.bandaionline.com/dx-chogokin-vf-1a-valkyrie-maximilian-jenius-custom-action-figure/ big mark-up!
  12. missed it a tNY.
  13. i can't see the 1A an NY as yet
  14. apptt4

    Hi-Metal R

    yes mine was posted and arrived in Melbourne today. probably get it Monday.
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