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  1. hope your valk is alright. it was the yeti stand elbow part that broke?
  2. apptt4

    Hi-Metal R

    too true! this one not done by Tenjin.
  3. yeah same, AE couldn't give af. i used googletranslate to fill out the form at www.arcadia.ac/contact. message was something like "hello, i purchased an SV-51 and have the incorrect legs. please send replacement to my address, cheers."they had them sent out quick smart, they have done this a lot lol
  4. i created a mail forwarding account at tenso.com and gave Arcadia that address. Tenso sent me the package for about au$28.
  5. involvement > set visits and blessing, the trailer looks good tho!
  6. great cast but no Coen brothers involvement...
  7. g translated: ARCADIA will exhibit at "WonderFestival2020Winter" on February 9, 2020! On the day, familiar Macross items are displayed at once! Please come to play! #WF2020 Winter #SuperDimension FortressMacross #Megazone 23
  8. that Bug is lovely and i dig the injured soldier
  9. i haven't started on NECA Alien yet. they say 3 series of 3, i wonder how many are re-releases?
  10. NECA Ultimate Alpha Predator 100th Edition Figure https://news.toyark.com/2020/01/17/ultimate-alpha-predator-by-neca-toys-376308
  11. apptt4

    Bandai DX VF-31

    i loathe Bandai's stands, it's amazing how much the Yetis improve the look.
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