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  1. Just thought I should point out that Kusanagi's brain was always organic. The cyberbrain is an implant that interfaces with her brain, cybernetics, the ports in her neck etc. Even the almost 100% organic human, Togusa has a cyberbrain (the cyberbrain and it's related connections and ports are his only cybernetics)
  2. Crap. Seriously though, Robotech Remix is the latest robotech comic series. There is a thread about in the anime or sci-fi section.
  3. Macross II was released in both english dubbed and subtitled versions on VHS then rereleased as a 'movie' version. DVD has both english dub and subtitle tracks. It was Manga Ent., not US Manga Corps, that released them (originally US Renditions for Macross II)
  4. Is there any information about how the VF-24 compares to the VF-25, VF-27 or YF-29? How about the YF-29 vs. YF-30? I'm asking because I've gotten into a debate with someone about these and whether or not Zola (and the Macross 7 fleet) got monkey models of the VF-19 and, unfortunately all I can find on the Macross Mecha Manual about the 24 is on the Evolution.
  5. Somehow I doubt it'd be that good. I epexct The Room quality of dialogue.
  6. This is shockingly similar to an idea I had.
  7. Hmmm. I'm not sure but I think they failed their stealth check.
  8. Wait wouldn't that tend to make your racing career fairly short?
  9. You recall correctly, Seto. Looks like it, Sanity. It's a bit hard to tell as the art work is somewhat different and the box in the pic is black (my copy is mostly white) but I believe it's that one. As to the price; you can pretty much thank HG for that as I'm pretty sure Frontier would have been lisenced over here if it weren't for them
  10. In 2012(?), after Kamjin and Lap Lamis killed themselves attacking the Macross, in the last episode of the original series, she underwent a refit (the first of many that she'd undergo between then and the current time in the Macross franchise) which made her look like the DYRL version.
  11. On the Macross 7 trivia page on TV tropes they paraphrase an ADV -they didn't say who so make of this what you will (personally I just find it an amusing quote)- who was asked about Macross 7 at a con.
  12. You know what's really odd is that the ship is much clearer in the picture of the cover no3Ljm posted than the actual book cover I saw in the store.
  13. So I was a the grocery store today and saw Ben Bova's "Apes and Angels" and saw somthing familiar on the cover: https://www.publishersweekly.com/978-0-7653-7952-8 I'm trying to find a better picture of the cover
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