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    The Transformers Thread (licensed) Next

    Have CGI renders been mis-transformed before?
  2. 'Cause Blitzwing would end up with shoulders like the Seekers have, that's why. I think we're lucky they chose robot-mode accuracy over real-world accuracy. Trying to make an accurate MiG from Blitzwing would be a fool's errand. Well, I haven't broken anything crucial yet, all the parts that have fallen off have been reattached, and -- after a great deal of frustration -- I've finally found that sweet spot where the legs will support the weight of the figure standing. I expect a positive experience going forward... ...provided I don't try and change the pose, of course.
  3. Oh wow, KFC's "Ditka" is gorgeous! Look at all the Japanese Type-74 tank detailing! Look how cartoon-accurate his jet mode is! Look how well he scales with Masterpiece figures! Look how good the toy looks from these same few angles! If only the quality control was better than the usual KFC crap-show, he'd actually be a great figure...
  4. tekering

    Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    For you, it was Valentine's Day. For me, it was Decepticon Day!
  5. tekering

    Hi-Metal R

    Six! I can barely fit one into my hangar.
  6. tekering


    I just hope the Yellow figure is unique. Stig and Ray can share proportions, but Yellow should be much taller and thinner than the others.
  7. tekering

    Max Factory 1/20(!) VF-1S/A Hikaru

    As long as it comes with proper waterslide decals this time around, I'll be satisfied... Speaking of which... @Anasazi37?
  8. tekering


    Ooh, with mini Borough Superior figures! Awesome!
  9. tekering

    STAR WARS Merchandise Episode - 2

    C'mon, Bandai. 1:5000 scale? That's only about 30cm in length -- only half the size of the Revell/Zvezda kit.
  10. It saddens me greatly that I can't upvote your reviews any more, Mike. That's a surprisingly good-looking Harrier, and tampography is a welcome addition on any third-party toy.
  11. tekering

    Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    This massive 1:12 "Space Jockey" really ties the room together. Got it for a substantial discount, owing to the damage... Looks like something must've come out of it, eh?
  12. tekering


    Hate to agree, Cap'n, but yeah... Those proportions are disappointing. Massive chest and squat little legs might make for a decent Armo-Fighter, but Soldier mode's an eyesore... especially that shoulder-mounted sensor array thing.
  13. Because it's rated PG-13...? Because it's also rated PG-13...?
  14. tekering

    Macross figures

    Using that logic, this figure is worth adding to our Mospeada collections: What's more, it's not even true. There are other Zentraedi alternatives... albeit even worse than MEP's. Honestly, if it's sub-par crap or nothing, I'll stick with nothing. It's cheaper and easier on the eyes.
  15. tekering

    Battle Angel Alita

    Actually, he says nothing good about the movie whatsoever. Apart from being excited that Cameron and Rodriguez are involved, all he literally said was "I'm not the type who goes into these things with high expectations..." Mamoru Oshii was similarly mistranslated in the advertising for the Ghost in the Shell live-action film.
  16. tekering

    Robotech by Titan Comics

    As the interior art improves, the Waltrip brothers' cover makes a mockery of it.
  17. tekering

    Why SD Valkyries? WHY?

    Apart from the awful "super dimension" title translation (which we've suffered through for nearly 40 years now), the consistently misspelled "DIMENTION" and "FRORTRESS" are absolutely inexcusable. This is an officially-licensed Macross product under the purview of Big West, who should be ashamed of themselves. I'd give the Seika Note Co. an "F" in English, except it's not actually possible to receive a failing grade in Japanese public schools. Sad but true.
  18. Of course, yeah. "Double Evil" wasn't even on my radar -- IDW Overlord is the only one I know -- but now my Masterpiece Star Saber's starting to look a little lonely...
  19. tekering


    Looks like a prototype for the 1:15 Imai kit. Imai often used that "Real Type" slogan in their marketing.
  20. tekering

    Max Factory 1/20(!) VF-1S/A Hikaru

    Helmet looks great. I can already see the potential. Testing the thruster lighting: Definitely needs more diffusion, I think.
  21. tekering

    Looking for PE upgrades for 1/48 Hawegawa YF-19 and VF1S/A

    Lazy, obfuscating acronyms are destroying our ability to communicate. I've got some PE sheets for sale... ...but I don't think that's what you mean. Wikipedia suggests over 50 common uses of the abbreviation "PE." "Photo-etched" is not among them. Sorry for the rant, it's a pet peeve of mine.
  22. tekering

    Max Factory 1/20(!) VF-1S/A Hikaru

    You can adjust the angle of the wings... Or, by trimming some of the tabs, you can at least give it shoulder rotation and hinged elbows. Anything else would require more substantial modification.
  23. tekering

    Color advice for TV style super parts?

    Depends on the Valk... Depends on the episode... Depends on the shot, even. Let's consult the Blu-ray, shall we? Looks kinda pale turquoise, most of the time... Not surprisingly, most toys and models use their own interpretations.