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  1. Also surprised "macross plus!?" when i saw the trailer end. Glad we going back to strangereal. And "era of drones" got me interested. Human pilot becoming obsolete now. And we the protagonist probably the fools who challenge that idea.
  2. I too would really like to know this. The only thing that, i think, i might understand a bit is there is some kind of corporate competition got involved in the race? sorry if its wrong. At least that's what it seems to be from the appearances of YF-25 and YF-27. Also from translation and this thread discussions. Still really want to see those lovely customized VF racing against each other in animation. With frontier cluster island as one of the location, it could be a great background. Though probably racing theme wont work for macross? I don't know.
  3. Well, at least from now on we would be able to see more VF to VF combat from these conflicts between humans and/or sub-protoculture species. Weapons race will never stop.
  4. I didn't make that connection. Now I have to watch that sequence again to find out... Kadun is Var syndrome? that would be interesting. But the story of proto culture intervention on human evolution in ancient time is still fuzzy to me. Whether or not var syndrome has been used as a weapon since then or those 2 got nothing to do with each other, remains speculation. Looking forward to Hayate flying around in VF dancing itano circus, humming to his favorite tune. Mmm... better listen to Koi wa Dogfight again.
  5. Perhaps both? Got a feeling those drones could also be use as reusable projectile weapon in the future, since it survived so many shots. Who knows, maybe they won't need micro missile anymore? Sorry, just a random thought.
  6. Wondering how those small drones able to fly, electromagnetic? or something to do with fold tech. Wish they show you how big that cargo ship is, like flying above your head or something.
  7. *Information High buzzing* SDF-1 surrounded by zentraedi fleet, isamu yf-19 againt earth defense system. i think it gives similar situation and feeling when you watch it for the first time. Isamu's whistling is so perfect during that scene.
  8. Glad to hear this news. Hope it will turn out well. Since the story will take place not too far from frontier, might as well use the vajra planet as the new idol home town. The now crashed frontier ship could be used as the new capital city or something, while people are still focusing on colonizing the other part of the planet. I think 8 year is enough time for a 6-10 year old kid to grow up into a teenager on the planet. Either they come from the main ship or immigrant from another place. Besides, planetary setting can be a good reason for plenty of aerial combat again . But whatever the studio staffs are planning, looking forward to it. Hopefully we also get a new VF. Or just previous ones with cool new customization is ok too.
  9. I am also curious to see how fast a vf-0 equipped with engines equal to vf-25 could run before it shattered to pieces. In animation. Redline style perhaps. I never read the novel so i don't know anything about the story. But i can't stop imagining how awesome the race tournament would be.
  10. One of my favorite artist, funky music and beautiful voice. Still can't get enough of this.
  11. What about the missile spam and smoke trail? is that also 3D? I can't tell the difference. But this is awesome. If only they make 1-2 minute video like this for Nothung or Oryol.
  12. I like gerwalk mode, especially when the pilot use it for air brake. Many characters did it amazingly, for example Nora in her SV-51. And because the VF developer discovered it accidentally during testing, gives an interesting little story for this mode.
  13. Wow, a new tv series already, i thought it would be like 2017 or later. Nice to see this franchise manage to survive this long. I just hope the animation quality would be good, a catchy song or two to remember, and a little bit of planetary dogfight would be great. Gravity and atmospheric pressure limitation is still a fun thing to watch. For another decade, deculture!
  14. Wow, that's cool, promotion perhaps? The location seems similar too. Get a wider truck and it's set.
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