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  1. many? MOST, i'd say. unless you are writing scripts on the websites or are very lucky, its hard to get one at MSRP. just look at these boards during PO madness nights. due to bandai's practices you can't really say they are <$200 valks. they KC are overpriced compared to what the market expects but they are far from the worst buy out there in this hobby.
  2. xtb's monolith (menasor) looks really really good. i actually want the toy version more but am getting the default (toon) one too. somehow he makes toon menasor look good (DX9 failed that test despite or maybe because they were so accurate)
  3. guess i'll be checking back here christmas eve and day to see where i can get this. thin i gave my proxy a https://p-bandai.jp/contents/global/ link or something like that for my kakizaki. that said i thin i'm done with this line after the vf-1d. the kakizaki was a "i just can't resist this deco" moment. the vf-1d will complete the trio of the more important valks to me, the vf-1j, the vf-1s, and the vf-1d...all from the first 1/3 or so of SDFM and 2/3 from the first few episodes.
  4. anyone know if the super parts released earlier (in the roy vf-1s timeframe) fit the newer Rick 1J? ***EDIT** checked good old anymoon and yes they are
  5. i should have my hands on the j-20 this week it seems! woot! the helicopter looks amazing (i would have prefered it be a tiny bit smaller though and the j20 much bigger...say 1/60 scale but its 1/80). wonder what scale it is. the J-15 though....wow that bot mode looks great! might skip the helicopter (probably not though) but the j-15 is a must!
  6. that sunbow art is i think a fan made. official shows light colored shins and not blue. that version you showed has made the rounds though and even hasbro used it as a reference for their red series. it needs to die. soundwave has light shins, always and forever!
  7. so for anyone who migh thave been wondering dhl eventually found my vf-1s and delivered it (originally sent from luna park) last friday (12/18). hobby gengki has sent notice that my super parts are on the way. i feel lucky i don't need things "first". lol. anyhow....when do the vf-1d preorders go live? heard its a TWE, so no PO madness but have to deal with semi aftermarket prices right?
  8. great writeup as always mike. Mine are apparently waiting for me at the office (i'm only 50% in the office). i wish at least one of them was lotus espirit like too. i have the old TFCC ones and i prefer runamuck's deco there but these look really good and way better overall. i hope someone gives us an mp level runabout/runamuck someday. i like to think of them as stunticon rejects/wannabes....and i think of exhaust in the same breadth now. on another note...pulse has shipped my maverick!
  9. yeah the cab looks more g1 (but alas inferior to the g1 cab looks in every way) but the trailer is like basically the same as the siege. i'm not sure the cab alone is worth the "upgrade" . i've got and upgraded siege one and then i saw the OSKO BPF one (which is a tiny bit bigger than the upgraded thighs siege) that is free of "dirt dn grime damage" so i've got that too. if it goes on discount or if i see it in person when i'm out somewhere i may pick it up ...or if bpf does a remold of theirs to match. also the junk in teh trunk is mistransformed. if you see the picture on the back o
  10. if only they shipped out as quickly and don't just "send the information" to dhl. mine been like that since saturday. dhl shows as received the information as of monday nov. 30 though, even though the number was emailed to me saturday the 28th. that said for all i know they are still looking for stock to actually get the pacakge picked up from dhl or just waiting for dhl to come pick it up. its annoying,
  11. so thrust delayed to 12/15 according to target email for everyone i guess?
  12. great that gives me hope they aren't scamming everyone. mine is still at "shipping information received" - hopefully mine changes over today/tonight.
  13. "goddaughter" i think...that's dan inonsanto's daughter. the lee in her name does refer to bruce lee though
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