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  1. had no idwea the robot hero ones were improved. the seeker mold is large enough in jet mode for me though! haha. good job on the paint. so nice. was the thundercracker already toy colored or you went from light blue to that?
  2. Mechapilot77

    Hi-Metal R

    we need all those. man back in those days i was so high on this line! enemy mecha and destroids!! so like...disappointing after all this time they are still no shows. also what happend to SHF breetai in scale with these HMR guys?!
  3. true but state sales tax on $250 must be added FWIW so that would end up more like $276 for me whereas amazon gonna come in right around $250 shipped depending on exchange rate. of course we all pay the sales tax come tax time as use tax though obvi! :-P
  4. anyway as far as the released sketches go a few questions and observations 1. i'm not sure how the waist swivel is gonna work - going by takara's record it will have one and an ab crunch hopefully but again don't see how it gonna work. 2. THICK. this guys is thick. he's got a lot of stuff folded up onto his back- a transformation strategy we are seeing a lot of recently hopefully this dosen't effect the stability and posability too much. also he has a bit of a potbelly with that cockpit and stuff sticking out further than one would normally imagine. also is that a fake cockpit? 3. can his wings angle upwards in bot mode like mp3, mp11 and some others do? 4. he has a big head but that is consistent with the model they are going with even though his head is often shown not to be THAT big (its oftentimes shown bigger). still i think its a touch too big. hopefully the aftermarket addresses that? 5. what does his f-15 mode look like? hope its a real as they can make it and not intentionally cartoonified. 6. proportions wise...he's a bit lanky and i guess sometimes he was drawn that way. i do prefer when he was drawn less so, but its just a preference. 7. his shin "thrusters".... are wide and flat and look like design details...not a 3D part. this is dumb. it needs them. earthrise got this right. as did previous mp3/11. 8. YEAH no more elevated head/collar/fueselage area! I realize that is why mp-03 boxart photo was a top down view looking back in retrospect. you notice it much less! 9. he has no buttflatp BUT, his backpack goes lower than his butt kinda ruining the silhouette (blacked out you'd thing his butt is that low and his legs shorter)...i think this is worse than a buttflap honestly. 10. his hips, knees and ankle joints basically are in straight line....thats good!! unlike mp-44 btw. 11. the main thrusters appear a bit too small, this can be seen by how small they are compared to his feet. 12. I wish his hands are rounder, chunkier, and more bubbly. on a side note his forearms look good. most of the sculpting/curvature looks well done. 13. his intake stack being behind his head (looking form the side) is a good choice. he was often drawn that way and hey...he can look sideways not wihto9ut staring into his intake stack. overall i am cautiously optimistic. he isn't as toon simplified as some others so it looks better to me than some recent releases...hopefully price isn't rdiculous and QC is good as well as engineering chioices. i have meteor but i'm lukewarm on him these days. i also have a dozen + of older seekers (mp3/6/7/11, igear, coneheads, igear coneheads) that i guess i wont' be unloading...they each have their own charm. i even love greenscream still FWIW. the only design i have more of than seekers is VF-1 Valkyries. lol.
  5. WOW, lol right at the 20 second mark. jetfire is ozma wiht a mini mini itano circus. definitely an homage...forgot what scene in frontier (or was it a frontier movie or game?) that ozma is standing on the ground and launches missiles like in the same pose.
  6. yeh the houquet color is a WTF until you remember she would get lost in teh sea of red(S) and white in her normal colors. still i hope someone paints theirs to the real colors. i am a bit miffed that for $250 usd we still get pilots molded in a single color and completely unpainted. in the world of 3P TF's you have headmaster figures that are a similar size, are painted and transform ... and they come with much cheaper toys. lol.
  7. totally forgot about this, but checked this thread due to even bbts having this for order (was there to check on something else). guessing amazon jp cheapest with shipping... shipped via dhl to usa for a total of¥ 24,857 Cannot imagine the "cheaper" places coming in cheaper after adding shipping...too lazy to go through the process of adding to cart on every place...just went with amazon jp. wasn't going to go all in on this line too (they are spendy for what they are) , but if they do a tlead i guess i can unload my toynamis alphas and betas. that being said, despite being crumbly handed i'm quite fond of them. i haven't seen them in years (boxed up in and stored inside sealed packages in my storage area)..wonder if they still hold together or if they'll fall apart taking them out of the box. no doubt the betas will be fine but the alphas...who knows? my evolution toys guys...only opened a couple of them. nice presence but they just aren't very good toys. love the proportions, sculpting and look on them (in a different style from teh toynamis or these rcent sentinels) as well as size. wish they had a bit more detail like these guys do (if they did i'd visually prefer them to sentinel's effort)... i kinda wonder....how many versions of legioss/alpha are people keeping? i have had basically zero display space for a while (and that iwll be the case for another ocuple yeras before i move out to the burbs) and i wonder what versions i'll display when i finally have proper place to display things again. lol.
  8. mike, wow that looks nice. great write up. he looks great. i do wish he had more detailing on him. i remember the look of unicron in the movie when they did close ups of him transforming...he had lots of detail. that could have ben conveyed in more panel lines etc. that being said, the haslab one has that but this unicron does just about everything better. the one other complaint i have is that his wings and the ring around teh planet mode are too small IMO. i dont' know if its accurate to the source material though but they look a tad small.
  9. 5.89" with heels!! so she 5'11" with heels on. a lot of women are. haha. we all know their figure scalign isn't 100 percent accurate...its always slightly larger than 1/12 but....i don't care that much. cool armore design...i don';t like southern cross/robotech masters enough to spend $80 on a figure of jeanne/dana though. i MIGHT be interested if they were doing hovertanks (obvi not the same 1/12 scale but in a good scale to handle and play/display) too but it doesn't seem to be the case at least...yet.
  10. i thought he was 1/63ish or so that was the common thought at the time. i've not measured myself. EDIT** actually at around 13inches he is a 1/60th scale f-15 as an f-15 is 64' long. 12.8 inches would be 1/60 exaclty googling got to to a tomcat being 63' long. 756 inches. 1/72 scale would be 10.5 inches. i could see a 10+ inch jet from that 7" robot guessing the transformation scheme....guess we will see though.
  11. a 7 inch robot mode height i assume. i'm not sure but it looks to grow in alt mode. in alt mode i assume it'll be a fair bit larger than 1/100 scale. closer to 1/72 than 1/100 is my guess.
  12. pretty good alt mode but yeah, i'll leave it to our resident expert to comment on its relative accuracy. the weathering job is...not good but i guess not horrible. would have picked soemthing other than coffee stain brown as the color to do the weathering with. this would look aces with a custom repaint...at least in jet mode. we haven't seen the underside bu i suspect its actually cleanish because of the lack of bulk to the robot. overall i like it. wroth $50...probably not - but i grew up with top gun X transfomers was in my brain since the 80s so there is that! preordered! it would be a shame if this doesn't get redeco'd into TF X Gi joe Sky striker btw. haha cmon hasbro!
  13. love seeing line art but i can see that the proportions are wildly inconsistent and why its so tough to go from 2D to 3Don this mospeada stuff. also after looking at it some more... the sentinel is even granting generous interpretation departures of the line art...more or less and updated design...in the spirit of the original but not trying to actually be the original design as far as i can tell. great thread guys
  14. wait where did you get those mini figures or is this photoshopped?
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