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  1. i haven't handled my frontier era dx chogokins in a long time (they're back in their boxes and stored safely offsite from where i usually am). how are they holding up? wonder if it really needs those improvements. hmm
  2. we americans will change the way we do out dates when the world bails us out of WW3. until then 08/01/2020 is August 1st, 2020 when an american company is listing it's release dates. :-P in all seriousness its the most informative way because when you think of a date...you kinda know what year it is usually that you're talking about so year wouldn't come first....to get you to focus on the most pertinent information first...using the month tells you the most information about when something is happening relative to present year and then the actual day of the month is more specific if one is interested in that detail so it follows. the year is last just to reconfirm you're talking about the same damn year. it makes good sense!!!
  3. nice photo man, love that bot. never got around to getting him but he's nice looking!
  4. my guess is those are old photos. kuma had a preproduction sample that had all the changes. that photo looks to be completely the old mold.
  5. i'm not sure if its still true kuma, but IMO when warden was released it was the best build quality of any transformering transformers piece i've ever held. it just feels like a high end toy. that was years ago but i'm not sure its been surpassed by any transformers toy 3p or offical in terms of quality of feel. i sold mine off only to buy it again as well. i don't collect that scale and he doesn't really fit in with many guys but hes just really nice in hand. i never got the stilts...forget what they're called and have no idea where i'd find them these days. it does look aces though! the MMA piece is a shame...
  6. yeah wardog is a good piece. he isn't cartoon accurate proportions at all but thats fine. hes more chunky and mecha like....the shield...just leave int eh box other than to take a fwe cool pictures and when i pretend he isn't warpath. lpl.. i'd argue he doesn't really need it in alt mode that much either...i mean do we pick up our carbots and say hello to visible arms adn faces underneath? haha
  7. its not the old mold. i had that thing.....it was good for the time but this is more articulated for sure....jet mode is no better....probably worse.
  8. crap i totally forgot i had the DX chogokin suiper/strike pack coming to me. .....it shipped under "registered airmail" from Big in Japan. am i screwed?
  9. amazon jp had the beskar mando but couldn't find the child. dammit! need that child! if i jsut missed it or it goes up later, someone let me know! haha
  10. love the art on that last picture!
  11. wow all this news..... i love this show. it had its bad episodes and awkward pacing in the middle but the news i'me seeing now is all positive. its the one show i look forward to most. i know its not the best show on tv/streaming but i don't care! rosario dawson as ashoka is a little odd for me. she will look the part but she is so recognizable that its hard to just not see her instead of ashoka. still a poistive. biehn being cast is great too! show is trying to being an epic nerdgasm.
  12. this is a fun topic, but i'm more apt to pick my favorites than whats actually "objectively" best and i'm heavily biased towards the SDFM/DYRL stuff but here goes Yamato: 1/48 Vf-1J Stealth - yeah, see they made tons of "better" toys but you couldn't pry this one away ever. too bad i never go tthe low vis or else that would be my favorite most likely. yes the 1/60 v2 is way way better overall, and the SDF-1 was their masterpiece IMO but yeah its hard with yamato! Arcadia: VF-0S Bandai: DX Chogokin Vf-1J
  13. so carbonized fett and stormtroopers....look cool, but i think way overdone? seemed a more subtle effect on the mandalorian (at least from photos i was never able to see one in person). also its weird seeing fett so shiny and the trooper so silver. want that beskar armor mando though even though i've not managed to track down the orignal one(s)
  14. if that happens i'll get an arcadia - even if arcadia's isn't a PF and the VF ones are "PF" like, i'd rather support arcadia and tell them we still want our VF-1 in all the colors of the canon rainbow and some non canon too (low vis from 1/48 scheme i'm looking at you!). Now if arcadia isn't releasing them then i'll probably pick up a couple CF and an angelbird KO. i'd rather not but $300 secondary market price on a yamato angelbrid from 10 plus years ago vs. $110ish to $130ish bucks for a KO....i gotta go KO if that is the choice. what i really want is for arcadia to release a VT-1 though.
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