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  1. i doubt the stands come off the same "trees" (aka made in the same molds) that the parts for the actual toy are. There is no reason to do that unless you want them to be the same material or their inclusion is "free" (well some extra machining in the molds) from a mold size standpoint. yes, there are material issue with most clear plastics but those are easily solved during the design phase if you know the application the stand is designed for (not the case for most action stands from bandai for instance as they are generically for things of a certain size)....or you can just make it stout as hell and not worry. i don't mind the connection point being colored plastic as sometimes the connectin points are sometimes tiny and they need to transmit the load to the armature....but IMO there is no excuse from a materials standpoint for the bulk of the armatures to not be clear. i mean i have some yeti stands that will probably work (they are obviusly cut out of thick solid acrylic and not molded to shape so i'm not using this as an argument in the "it can be done" part of this post) , assuming he makes some adaptors.....but i only have 3 yeti stands in my entire collection...they are pricey and obviously not included with the toy. lol.
  2. its great that it comes with a stand...but why can't companies make the stands clear? black plastic only looks good if your background is black or your display cabinet is black/dark. FFS companies...clear stands already works for everyone, and every background, and every display cabinet...so we can pretend the thign is actually in the air instead of on some black plastic armature.
  3. well thats not happening for me, but it looks like a lot of thought and consideration and love were put into this design. kinda doubt it'll be better overall than a dx chogokin vf-1...although i'm biased since the Vf-1 is still my #1 mech of all time. Also, I wish these were the size of Evolution toys legioss, and not the toynami/aoshima ones but i guess i can be thankful it as it might have cost a whole lot more at the evolution toys 1/32 scale (which btw is just slightly taller than a 1/60 vf-1 in soldier/battroid mode...though a lot bulkier). still, hope this will be "best legioss ever!"...which it has the chance of being despite my personal preference for the overall proprotions and scultping of evolution toys' legioss' soldier mode.. also, thanks to all who answered on the currency feedback on amazon jp. i went with yen and taking the gamble that the rate will be more favorable when the card gets charted 7 months from now. lol. also i agree...if it were NY...i always use yen becomes their conversion rate is not friendly at all! haha.
  4. as soon as i saw the photos in my social media feed i knew that resistance was futile. amazon.jp PO placed! (btw do most here order in yen or usd?) he legioss is that design that draws me in again and again. yes it has a big head and its a little too squat for me, but GODDAMN it looks good...especially the fighter mode. The downward sloping wings look good actually, although its a little too much i think....also not sure how that would look with the tlead attached if they make it. wonder if it can go one "click" up to even? can anyone photoshop that head smaller? i know its a niche market but i hope somebody will make a smaller head for this guy
  5. that terrified zentran is iconic though! it'd be cool to get any zentradi done well, maybe the 3 spies? haha..not at the current price point though. i also like the macross city mayor guy . in terms of what i'd actually really get (since it might get made)....rick in his orange firest episode suit would be great. max, mirrya, ben, claudia,...gloval, breetai, exedore. tahts already a very big collection compared to whats been previously announced or release din any other line and i'd be happy to have those. also i kinda wish they'd make the boxes smaller...like sh figuarts does for their star wars figures etc. rick's box si pretty big for whats included, same for minmay.
  6. i'll probably get it, but KC if you're listening...roy fokker was way more tanned...also the face sculpts look a bit off. the default face is too stern/angry. also he's bit too tall.
  7. looks great. while i sprang for the SOC golion....for now i'm gonna pretend my miracle metal works is that awesome (its not! but not bad) and hope for a reissue. looks really nice. totally jelly.
  8. apparently GoT doing well was almost despite benioff and weiss based on some of the recent reveals on what went on there. that being said they do have some natural talent but apparently they had no idea what they were doing for a good long bit. i think that getting other people witha bit more experience migth bet a better idea anyway. that being said TLJ was rightfully hated for some REALLY bad plot points, the contant "gotchas" etc.....but it was also hated by many more people for other things which lets be honest...it should not have been hated for. also i totally want to go to galxy's edge some day. haha
  9. of course he will but he's not shown, so i'm assuming they are saving him for later.
  10. so they're gonna do the whole dyrl squad huh? i don't see roy though...oddly. i preordered the strike packs set but not paying $330+shipping for a hikaru 1S without the strike pack. hopefully they'll do a roy which i can pretend is both tv and dyrl versions lol...and i'll put the pack on him if i can secure one when his PO is up sometime in the not so near future it seems.
  11. battroid mode > yamato fighter mode ... yamato > dx chogokin ? I think there is something off about the rear half of the fighter. don't have time to compare lineart at this second but it looks too boxy/bulky. also too many markings....however, overall there is no question this will be the better overall release unless they really screw the pooch and break the string of hits with this. i wish they had done the vf-11b but this will do. now just have to find a way to actually get one at PO discount price. lol. love the yf-21 but its not in my top 5 valks for sure so i dont' want to pay too too much for it.
  12. got any leads/links to custom box makers? i might be interested - maybe not for this specific usage but for some other stuff i have in mind.
  13. my question would be can it hold those poses...like indefinitely? i mean i just read on here they are ratcheted...but how strong are the teeth? haha. guess HMR are pretty light but still...thats impressive if you can pose like that with no fear or the thing flopping down (looking at you old yamato stands of a name i forgot. and some tamashi ones as well)?
  14. that diorama is so awesome. i didn't even remember what his room looked like but when i saw it i was like....yup something like that. seen other pics of that setup somewhere on social media.
  15. i'm surprised you got all the responses you did. they can be really slow to respond to anything sometimes. they are super awesome and fast/reliable when there are no issues though.
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