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  1. heh, i wanted to love the sentinel too...i wanted it to be finally "that legioss" that one could just mess with and hav fun with and look good. its far away the best overall (althogh i prefer the overall aesthetics of the evolution toys one more except he lack of detail on it), but it needed some massaging before release that it never got. the shoulder issue is so ridiculous. the pilot figure is basically trash compared to what 3P TF people are doing with headmasters etc. that size. someone needed to go over the tolerance stacks a bit better in design and assure the quality at the producti
  2. hah, good luck to us all then! hope you get yours. being screwed 3 times got to be super annoying. as for blaster, i been getting the walmart g1 reissues mostly for the boxes TBH, don't know why i dn't want blaster. my original is actually still in great condition somehow (toy not box) after all these decades. yeah tracking stuff down is super annoying these days. i didn't start collecitng again until around the time of mp-1/binaltechs/alternator days so i can't remember when it was fun to hunt. lol. TBH i didn't find it annoying back then. guess i'll have to bookmark
  3. walmart's allocation system is screwy. i had a netflix mirage perordered either the day or the day after it went up. it didn't get fulfilled after i see other people got theirs both in store and online. i contact customer service to see what is going on. they assure me they will send it out soon (the next business day in fact). at the same time i see it is in stock online (while i am chatting with the customer service on the phone). i quickly order a couple (just in case as returns are free) more online as i finish my call. turns out i got the two i ordered that day about a week later
  4. mp-03 pic found on internet for referece....how far have we fallen?
  5. much like the robot mode its best viewed from one vantage point only and that ain't it. lol
  6. so the pricing on mp-52 is out. even amazon japan's price is basically $275 shipped to the USA (here in nyc anyway). the US retailers have somehow closed the gap there (amzn jp has been the cheapest and fastest place to get any MP TF in the past several years). Thats the same as american retailers like The chosen prime. Amzn jp doesnt' allow cancellation after 10/25 though so i'm gonna go TCP while I make up my mind. i think its "worth it" if you compare it with the legioss. they are both totally rengineered figures doing things different from previous iterations. The price is spitting
  7. DST superion - i like it a lot. the planes look "good enough" for me (yes there are for sure inaccuracies which i will not go into because i'm not as familiar with them as some others) in that they have minimal (for a TF) underside kibble apparently. silverbolt is well...at least this time more forgivable. this guy needs the bulk. he's not a "pants former" like zeta or FT's. that's why he is so bulky (i mean look at that bot mode bulk too). they managed to keep his proportions ok despite the bulk(unlike say mmc's onslaught). still this don't seem to be "all built in", just not a pantsfo
  8. wow that bump on the underside....wtf. i guess i'm extending my streak of NOT buying takara mps (trying to even remember which was the last one i bought....it was mp-42 cordon). i think takara needs a new approach ASAP. takara MPs are what got me back into toys so i'm loathe to give up on them but between mp-44s price/durability/backpack, mp-45's wierd feet/chibi alt mode, mp hound's fragility and now #bumpgate (thats what i'm calling it now)...its hard for me to be excited about this line at all anymore. i wanted to like this guy....his bot mode is bloated but still very G1 starscream to
  9. so lisa hayes coming into stock soon. haven't orderd yet. did i miss any preorder bonus? considering fokker (and is anyone gonna order that WITH the guitar? i feel like its dumb but might want it) and cheongsom minmei too. is there any incentive to actually preorder these figures from KC directly early? or should i just wait until just before release like i did hear with lisa? they do make you prepay if i remember right?
  10. i like it but why did they chanfe the back panel to have 2 panels and the dumb gate 023 marking? hopefully those are optional stiickers? or will they release a less dumbly deco'd version later. lol. no place for this but i want it assuming it comes with differetn plates for the bakc more similar to early photos and with no gate 23 marking.
  11. ss86 ... i wonder if they are hasui's work. since he isn't doing mp right now, maybe he did these. hot rod looks overall way better than the mp version. puts it to shame.
  12. correct, no safe shoulders release yet to date. i'm still waiting 11 years later. haha
  13. that thing looks awesome. i may have posted the plane mode before here? dont' remember. speaking of 3P TF guys doing transforming jetplanes.... https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6944697929 thats a CLEAN J-20 for a transforming toy. my only gripe is that i don't see what scale it is and i bet a certain military profits form this somehow....do want! also i'm totally gonna get this and that kavalinka. its what i always wanted some non TF transforming jets and scifi jets. i say non TF because as much as i like TF them alt modes got too much robokibble in jet mode wiht the seekers having t
  14. do it. probably the best mainline transformer i've handled in ages.... best $80 figure in this hobby maybe. if you watch the netflix series jetfire is a standout in that and of course he is super accurate to that as they seemingly used the toy cad modes as reference material. also interestingly enough his size in the series is large but not g1 skyfire large so if you were to place siege jetfire next to an MP scaled optimus prime...he's about the same proportion to that figure as he is to prime in the netflix series. so do we have an "MP WFC jetfire" already? lol. Also i f
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