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  1. Thinking back to the recent comics. Is this the reason why TR Edwards had to die, continuities with elements from Robotech II, Robotech 3000, Shadow Chronicles, etc. showed up again just to be given a dubious grand finale, and a Nikki Basara clone now exists in Robotech?
  2. Found out that people out there are abbreviating this series as LDS.
  3. Did you guys ever finish reviews for all of the Delta mangas? I think some tidbits about the of the Windermere war for independence from Keith’s manga might become relevant in the upcoming movie.
  4. Man, it’s been a while since someone came around trying to put Robotech logic into Macross, or at least starting threads as a throwback of someone coming from the old robotech.com forums.
  5. The amount of bending over HG is willing to do at Robotech's expense just for a deal is pretty extreme from a story telling perspective. Might as well be capitulation. Remember, there was once a story about what people called a multiple generational epic and about a couple of years ago they were willing to subvert all of it in order to carve a new path forward. Fans are not going to be happy if that's official. I guess a deal would look more fair to me if there any signs that Macross would be making similar concessions, but how can it when the situation has always been stacked against
  6. @Gerli I think Gubaba is questioning the source and context of those docs you cited. Considering how screwed up Facebook and Twitter is, as well as the people on those platforms these days, have to agree.
  7. I think you want a show where Machida is the protagonist punching aliens. I agree.
  8. Did he mention the end date for the original license?
  9. If that is the MO that resulted in stuff like Remix happening, I’d believe it. Have a hard time believing they would recruit some rando comic book company and specifically dictate them to do something that off the rails and controversial to their own franchise.
  10. Robotech Remix = Macross 7 You know the profile pic I’m currently using? That’s not Macross fan art.
  11. Weird that this is happening with 3/14/2021 coming up. Just saying.
  12. I may have said this before, but why should have people taken the license renewal announcement seriously when reps for the company have a bad reputation for saying outrageous things about the franchise over the years? And to top it off, being so hush hush about the details to the point that you have to just trust them despite their past conduct? After Remix jumped the shark, I think a lot of people out there got trolled just like the other times.
  13. What was the date when the Macross license was supposed to expire prior to to HG’s announcement that they supposedly renewed it? I remember it was in 2021.
  14. There’s a Nikki Basara clone in Robotech now. An old video game can’t undo a humiliating development like that.
  15. Happy birthday, Mirage!!!!!! Good luck in the next movie.
  16. Stay safe guys with everything that’s been happening in your part of the world. Guess VPNs will be the go to solution for a lot a problems for the foreseeable future.
  17. Someone know actually knows Japanese translated something about the movie. But that really shouldn’t be a surprise. The end of both the series and first movie eluded to at least a peace treaty being written in the future.
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