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1/100 Bandai FRX-00 Mave Photos

wm cheng

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Thanks everyone :D

Grayson72 - I tend to shade the longer panel lines (easier :p ) and ones that are closer to the moveable surfaces - however on the top, the dark colour of the plane makes the panel shading hard to see (I must work on this since my next model might be the YF-21 and its dark blue, so I don't quite know yet how to do the post shading on that bird for it to show up against the dark background - I might alternate flat and semi-gloss like this one a bit). If anyone has examples of this - I would love to see some.

Hellohikaru - the model above the X-29 is an old Crusher Joe kit, one of the Minerva's fighters - I can't remember what its called - it was built while I was still in high school. Yes that Skull VF-1S is a model on the second shelf closer to us - its an old ARII 1/100 fighter mode only kit also built in the eighties. The farther Skull with the fastpacks on is a Yamato 1/60 VF-1S toy though.

Firefox - sure no probs - I would love to see them though, maybe get a copy. By the way - where is Tober? He made some excellent photoshop images of my past work - I'd love to see him or anyone do that to my pictures - all I ask is to send me a copy. ;)

Lightning06 - I wish these kits were 1/72 - I love that scale (although its a bit small - but I just don't have the room) unfortunately, these are made by Bandai part of their EX collection (which are snap fit kits that require painting - unlike their Gundam kits) and are in 1/100 scale. :(

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Damn man that thing is a work of absolute beauty, wish I had that kind of talent. And looking at that thing the actual plane would be freakiing huge, both of them. Great work man, really, makes me wish that model kits of my design existed so that I could see you work your magic on them. Man that thing almost looks real.

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