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1/100 Bandai FRX-00 Mave Photos

wm cheng

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The forward landing gear hatch is snapped in place, there are little blunt ended pegs that also fill in the rear landing gear holes - but I didn't put them in here, I think they might be hard to remove after. Its kind of wierd that there is no rear gear well - its like this in all the line art as well as the resin kit - hmm, I guess the gear magically dissappears :p


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Here's the family shot everyone asked for. The stuff on the top shelf is from when I was in high-school. Its only the stuff on the lower shelf that I started back up again in the last four years.


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Oh!! The sun is out, wow, what a difference the sun makes - there's no light like it. This is taken on a white foamcore board with the exposure set a one full stop over-exposure to try and get the background white so the grey/green reads true.


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