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  1. Looks perfect and best valk yet.
  2. Yikes. Expensive but somewhat expected so that didn't stop me from getting 2 from hlj.
  3. I haven't posted in MW in a long time and even got out of collecting for a while but I am pumped about this one. I don't know why so many are crying about the blue. Just about all the valkyries are painted up in bright colors. True, I do wish it was gray like my fav VF-0A but it's a flippin VF-0D that looks awesome and it's being made. Yamato could of just went bankrupt and vanished. I don't care how much it costs or how blue it gets, I will get one - scratch that make it 2 - or 3.
  4. I'm almost 37 and wouldn't call you that old. A lot of us saw Macross/Robotech as kids and it always stuck with us. I have not been active here in a long while mostly because life things - kids mostly. I was trying to get out of the hobby but just can't when they keep making cool toys. I would be blown away if my wife knew what I wanted and found a way to get it. Very impressive!
  5. I had to do the wing fix, too. Getting that in and out was not easy at all. I had to bust out all kind of tools including a hammer. I glued the hand that fell apart back together. Now I need to figure out how to fix the fuel tank. One doesn't attach at all. I also need to get the wing tips to stay up in fighter mode. The sliding metal tab things don't help much. I'm a little scared to dump glue everywhere, though. Any other tips?
  6. Got mine! I came home last night, not even thinking about it, and there it was! I was shocked since I thought it would take much longer to ship. Looks awesome right out of the box, of course. I paid around $220 w/ shipping using hlj. I did run into a few problems. Like others, the wing tips do not stay up when loaded with accessories. The bigger problem was the right hand came apart on me very easily and the thumb is glued in place. I cannot get the gun in the hand either. I am really disappointed that the missiles do not clip on securely. Why? They had it right on the 1/48's. The good news is that transformation is a lot easier than I thought. It is really slick how this thing transforms. There are so many moving, bending, folding parts but yet everything feels sturdy. It stands just as well, or better than other Yamato valks. Some of the joints are a little loose but again, same as before.
  7. I'm sure I will be complaining about the price but I'm pumped. On the plus side, if it's going to be expensive, might as well be really expensive with accessories and stand. Looks flat out awesome especially with the flat black paint. Got to have it! Thanks, Graham!
  8. I know there are plenty of excuses like shipping costs, low volume production, weakening US dollar, higher complexity designs, etc. however it still doesn't add up IMO. I would think R&D would be cheaper these days with experience and computer designing. There have been plenty of 1/48's produced but the cost has shot up. Quality has improved but still inconsistent and nothing to brag about. I felt like the YF19 was a step down in quality and design from the 1/48 VF1's but cost a big chunk more. Things like a display stand or a few simple add on parts cost as much or more than other diecast transformers like Binaltechs. Cost just seems to go up from one model to another for little or no reason. I know Macross is not as popular as Gundam or Transformers but they always seem to sell well enough on online sites like hlj, bbts, twinmoons, etc. Even on ebay, prices remain fairly strong. Granted, I will keep buying these things but much more selectively. When I do decide to get one, I will probably resort to getting one 2nd hand to save money. As much as I like the SV-51, I don't know if I can swing getting one if it's like $220 or more.
  9. However it's done, just do it Yamato. The SV-51 is one of my favorite designs and I thought it wouldn't be made since it's to complex. I can't wait to see what Yamato comes up with.
  10. The VF-0 looks much better w/o the frog humping its back. IMO, an armor set would be more worthwhile project.
  11. Jawjaw

    1/60 YF19 rant

    Yeah, I got the 0S and 0A. Both are easily poseable and everything works as it should. A child could transform one if you would dare try. It would be impossible for a child to transform my YF19 because it takes a lot of delicate strength to separate the fuselage without breaking something. It's also tricky to handle because if you hold it by a leg while working with it, the leg can easily fall come out of the hip and your expensive valk goes straight to the floor. Yes, this happened to me. Perhaps I am not doing something right with my canards. Should they lock into place in fighter mode like they do in battroid? Mine don't and easily spin out of place any time you touch them. I tried pushing them in but it doesn't feel like they are supposed to go in any further. I know how to open the canopy but my point was that it comes out more easily than it moves on its hinge. There is no resistance whatsoever. When you pull up on the canopy to open it, it just comes off. The canopy also doesn't fit well and there is a huge gap but that's just a nitpick. Speaking of nitpicks, I would also like to point out that even the fat azz pilot was hard to get in. Never had that problem before - lol. I still like the YF19 since it's a huge step up from the previous version. Like I said, I was just disappointed with it since I am extremely pleased with the 1/48's and M0 valks. I am super pumped about the SV-51 and will gladly put up with any flaws just to have one.
  12. Jawjaw

    1/60 YF19 rant

    I've been pretty happy with all my Yamato's so far, even the early fragile M+ valks. However (here it comes ), I'm pretty disappointed with the new YF19. Yeah, it looks great but I relived the transforming fustrations of the first yf19. Parts are falling off, I can't get the fuselage to separate (not the tip but the part with the cockpit). Tab B nightmares all over again. It's so tight that I had to triple check to make sure I was doing it right. I ended up stressing the plastic which is a lot of fun on an expensive toy. You really have to manhandle it to get it to lock or unlock. The rest of the transformation was not too bad but I was suprised that nothing locked together which makes it hard to handle. The vent covers do not stay on well and neither do the legs (slide out of the hips too easily). Another big frustration is trying to get the hand to hold the gun. I noticed a peg on the hand for the gun which is something Yamato should of done long ago. Problem is, it doesn't fit the holes in the gun so it just makes things more difficult. I tried putting it in a cool pose but gave up since parts are falling off or flopping around. It's not as bad as earlier Yamato's but things like the wobbly canard wings and cockpit that can't open without the whole thing coming gives it a cheap feel. For close to $200, I expected a little more. IMO, the cheaper 1/48's and Mac0's are much more solid. I still like it though and wouldn't give it back for a refund. If anything, I wish these things didn't cost so much.
  13. Perfect! I don't care how accurate the colors are or whatever. It looks awesome in the pics and I must have one!
  14. I got my VF-0S last Friday from twinmoons and both pointy bits on the tailwings were hanging by a thread. There was nothing I could do but break them off. It took a few attempts but I superglued them back on. No other problems except the joints seem a bit more loose than the 1/48's and the gunpod does not mount on the arms. It even sags a bit in fighter mode. However, it seems better engineered and it's my new favorite toy. I love all the details and how the arms tuck up far into the belly. I don't know if anyone else brought this up, but I noticed there were stickers for a two seat cockpit (two pairs of triangles). I sure hope that means Yamato plans on making a VF-0D.
  15. Yeah, I remember that episode. I almost gave up watching the series because it was getting boring and that was just too much.
  16. I had a chance to sit in an Elise at the Auto Show. Being 6', I thought it would be cramped but it wasn't. I wish I could of drove it because it fit like a glove. I really like it except the price. I know it has a high tech chassis but there is not much more to it. The drivetrain is from an inexpensive Toyota so that can't cost much. The one I was checking out was over $50k. It's still an impressive car, though.
  17. That Korean car looks pretty good. It's scary how fast they improved their cars and even more scary in that the Chinese are next. How can anyone compete against basically slave labor? I sure hope GM and the other big US car companies get it together in a hurry. Whether or not we like their cars, it's hugely important for them to stay in business.
  18. My thoughts exactly. I hate "collectible" items where they make far less than demand. What's the point? Yamato needs to make money so they can continue producing new toys. I'm buying these toys because they are cool and fun, not as any kind of investment. It would be nice for them to have value if I decide to sell but I rather have the opportunity to buy more cool toys.
  19. I need head lasers for the 1/48 Hikaru VF-1J. Mine both broke after a long fall to the floor . Any help getting this part will be greatly appreciated.
  20. Jawjaw


    Crispy clean! That's going to look awesome painted.
  21. Good to know it has perfect transformation. The only question now is when and how much. I pumped!
  22. Yes! What a difference from the last prototype. Everything looks great. Although, I cannot see any signs of how it transforms the legs. It doesn't look like there are any panels under the nose like the 1/48 or any holes to plug into. Since it is a proto, maybe it doesn't transform. If it still transforms by separating into lots of parts, it won't be so bad this time around because it's looking so good.
  23. Sweet! I just picked up a 6mt Sedan a few weeks ago. It's a blast to drive - especially after adjusting the clutch pedal.
  24. Speedchannel rocks - when it's not Neckcar season. Goodlord, every time I switch over to that channel during the week they are talking about Neckcar. How much is there to talk about? I guess I can't blaim them since that's what is most popular. They are decent car shows like HP tv, Trucks, and Car and Driver. I am not a big fan of hot-rod shows, though. I have not seen the Overhaulin yet but might check it out. The absolute best car show is Top Gear and not the hacked up American versions - the real ones. The chemistry between the hosts is great and very entertaining. It's the kind of show everyone can enjoy whether you are a car person or not. Fifth Gear is pretty good too and should be better this Fall when they go to 1 hour episodes.
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