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Macross The Movie Gold Book Databank 35mm Film Strips - show em off!


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  • Shawn changed the title to Macross The Movie Gold Book Databank 35mm Film Strips - show em off!

The first release, which had a special price of 8000 yen, had 2 printings which can be found on the last page
59/12/10 and 59/12/30 (Showa year of 59 = 1984)
This is the only version that had the poster AND the film strip, and seems to be the most popular variant by far
You'll know to expect the 35mm film strip if you see it mentioned on the front right corner of the Obi, or if you see the back price is 8000 Yen.




Then in late 84/(or even 85?) there was the normal release, which removed the mention of the film strip on the obi, and the back price is 8800 yen
This release only comes with the poster. This is the rarest of the releases in my experience. I don't have one to note the printing date.
Lack of the 35mm note on the obi means don't expect a film strip




Then in 1992 for the 10th anniversary it was reprinted again (last physical unit). Poster is included, but again no film.
Price increased to just 9800 yen.




For the 30th I thinkg (can't remember that or 35th) there was an electronic version of the gold book released in Japan. I have some saved off order forms but no additional info is available.

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The film strip that came with mine:



Here are all the "inserts" that came with the used copy that I picked up at Mandarake.  Note the unofficial "extra" that came with it: the manual for the PS1 game "四柱推命ピタグラフ".  :rolleyes:


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What a great film strip-wow!! :) Thanks for posting that one!


Also adding another volume-a 2nd 8800 variant, with the price on the back of the book in a white square.
The slipcovers share the same normal 8800 on both.

So for you Gold Book completists...there are 6 unique variations of the physical book you'd need to find. Geez!!!


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