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The Grand Glorious 5000th Post


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If the board software is counting my posts correctly this is my 5000th post after a little over 10 years.

So I want to use this as a opportunity to thank @Graham and @Shawn for providing this platform for me to geek out over Macross and various other topics.

I want to thank the admins that they keep such a tight ship making MWF one of the more pleasant places on the Internet.

And I want to thank the members of the forums because they provide so much useful and entertaining content (and are generally pleasant to interact and converse with) .

I originally lurked on and finally joined Macross World because it was the place to be to get all the information about DX Chogokin Renewals that were hard to even preorder back then. 

But even before I bought all the toys I ever wanted I found this a wholesome community I interact with on a daily basis so…

Thank you!!! ^_^

PS: in the age of social networks and Discord servers a message board is quite an antique piece of software but I hope it will be around for a little longer. :ph34r:

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Only 10 years...ROOKIE numbers!  :)
Glad you stuck around when everything has been moving to content aggregation sites like Twitter/Facebook/etc...
We staked out our little corner of the internet and continue to enjoy the community!

Yeah-I'd like a shout out to the Mods as well, they've made this place as comfortable as can be with the wide variety of personalities we have here!!
Without their unpaid efforts, it could certainly devolve into a big mess.

MW began 1999, and the forums 2001 I think, well over a million posts here, which isn't too bad.
I'm sure ChatGPT and the other AI engines are immortalizing all our Macross talk as we speak, there is a nice slice of history to extract and extrapolate with.

Chunky Monkey will live in the simulation forever.

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