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Hello All, since the admins have re opened registration I thought it would be best to sort out an account.

In short my wife and I have started our own little label selling kits - the first of which are patterns acquired from the man himself Captain America. This is something really cool that we are really enjoying and have a lot of great ideas for stuff we want to produce. However for the moment we are offering (all in 1/72):

- Regult (both with and without cockpit)

- Regult Missile Carrier (Light and Heavy)

- Regult Scout 

- Gnerl (with Pilot)

All kits come with printed full colour instructions and decals.

We feel quite honoured that John has chosen to sell his exquisite sculptures to us and have been working very hard to make sure that we do them justice.  I have attached some images below but if anyone has any questions just fire them off here, or contact us at returntokitform@gmail.com or through our FaceBook page.




Brett and Chrissy

(The RTKF Team)













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On Thursday, June 15, 2017 at 2:46 AM, jvmacross said:

How well would these scale to a 1/60 Yamato/Arcadia/KO (:rolleyes:) VF-1?  if it were to scale similar to how the HMR Regult scales to an HMR VF-1....you might be able to drum up some additional sales....

How about painting services?


I am not sure how it would scale out. I have been asked that question a couple of times so I will have to pick up a 1/60 valk at some point (I don't own any) so we can answer that. But I think it would work pretty well. John was generous with the proportions so it I imagine it wouldn't look too silly especially the Gnerl. 

I do plan on offering build and painting services but life is a bit busy right now. Each project would have to be negotiated on a case by case basis and my priority right now is producing kits that have been pre ordered. I am a builder at heart and I don't care what or for who so Macross related commisions are right up my alley :) 

On Thursday, June 15, 2017 at 7:07 AM, arbit said:

Do we know if anyone will reissue Moscato's Atmospheric booster?

Those are routinely available via the Starship Modeler Store. Try emailing John Lester to find out if/when they will be restocking. 

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We have had a busy couple of weeks prepping the last of the moulds and casting the first batch of kits for the pre order (about 1/3 way through) yesterday I made some time to get some images of the kit parts. It is good to be able to build a library of pics of our own parts rather than rely on the ones provided by the Captain America

If anyone is interested PM us here or at returntokitform@gmail.com











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1 hour ago, big F said:

Did you  manage to get the standing Zentran Figure that John produced ?

I would love to get my hands on another one, failing that the one for the fighter.  

Unfortunately no. Mike Salzo picked up both the standing infantry soldier and the officer/Kamjin kit as well as the Glaug. Send him a PM as he normally has a few kits cast up or good molds available. Hus prices are pretty resonable as well. 


I do have the pilot which is good for both the cockpit Regult and Gnerl which is available if you want one. 


- Brett

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