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  1. My guess is that this has been in the works for a while has retains the early kit designation. Hasegawa only have a small staff and have been kept busy with the Delta kits, Mechatro, MaK and retro anime releases too. I'd hesitantly guess that for whatever reason the GPB made it to the top of the list. Hasegawa pay attention to toy releases so perhaps they were hoping to cash in on the hype around Bandai DX GBP release for those that aren't into toys or don't have the spare cash.
  2. Anyone here entering in MHM's inaugural competition?
  3. @peter There is sooo much 90's design in that runabout! @MechTech that's not rust. It is supposed to be grey paint chiiped and peeling to reveal the orange underneath. The slat was salvaged from VT-102 after it was recovered from the ruins of South Ataria island post fold incident. Great pliers by the way your engineering skills are awesome!
  4. Nice work @MechTech So much neat custom work. Well after nearly nine months this thing is nearing the end of it's time on the workbench: Looks like this will be the only build for this year!
  5. My CF VF-1A has a custom Tamiya mix of XF-66 Light Grey/XF-14 JA Grey/XF-26 Deep Green in a 2:1:1 ratio:
  6. Yeah it has been a while. I asked HLJ for an advance copy (or at least just the canopy) so that I could bring a canopy mask set to market early. The staff had to look up the kit as they had never heard of it!
  7. It would have been nice if they threw in the AAM-1s from the weapon set just for something different.
  8. Thanks @Bolt. We just listed our first batch of 1/72 valks. It will be interesting to see hownthings pan out. - Brett
  9. Well done mate! You know I never noticed thisebtwo blacknsteipes on the side of then pod before. I might have to add them to my build.
  10. Haha thanks mate. Yeah we threw that in as a bit if a joke. Like I said it is pretty rough at the moment but we will fix it up.as we go along. As for what is next? We llnwe have the Tomahawk and Phalanx kits coming and the VE/VT-1 canopy masks as well.
  11. G'day blokes, I just thought I would let you guys know that we have website now: https://www.return2kitform.com/ It is pretty basic for now but as we learn it will grow. Into what I don't know but for now it is hosting our ecommerce site. The shelves are a bit bare as we wait for our first shipment of kits from overseas but will expand over time. As always feedback is welcome! Cheers, Brett
  12. Pretty sure it is this months issue. I can't take credit for the photo as a mate of mine sent it when he saw the build. He's a member of MW but doesn't come here often.
  13. Looks more.likely than you think since your fantastic build ended up in FSM. Hiding light under a bushel Arbit? Congrats man! - Brett
  14. Is there much of a demand for aftermarket decals? The printing firm I use does a great job (Custom Hobby Decals out of Australia) but the print run would have to be at least 2) sheets to make it worth while. - Brett
  15. Considering how much after market decals cost you could always think of it that way. 1800JPY is about AUD$23 which is about right for a decal sheet. Then just get yourself a donor F-14 kit and you are good to go. -Brett
  16. Thanks Dobber. Finishing is a real time sink but it is worth it! -Brett
  17. Man there are so many good builds here. All I have is this poor half painted Norbert in 1/72 scale. I am a bit time poor these days but he is getting there. - Brett
  18. BTW these will be reissued soon. Limited to an20 kit run. The molds are almost ready and the decals arrived the other day. -Brett
  19. I saw these on FB. Great work dude and there just isn't enough kits being posted in here these days.
  20. Ted, If you make the file I can cut it on my plotter. Cheers, Brett
  21. Great job Gatsu! It's nice seeing our stuff built - Brett
  22. Not immovable. I just disagree that any choice is wrong because the source material is so inconsistent. Want to make a drawing? Feel free to make it any size you like. Want to make a physical thing with plauseable consistantancy? Get ready compromise one way or the other.
  23. So it is okay for Bndai to make a 1/90 scale Vf-1 and a 1/97 scale monster? I dont buy it. Any argument about scale with regard to Macross makes no sense and is indefensible. A choice has to be made. I have already explained the grounds for the decision and it sounds reasonable to me. No other choice is more or less accurate because the source material makes no sense and is inconsistent.
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