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VF-22 Sturmvogel II


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I saw this on the MW facebook page as well. Really love it. It must have been especially fortunate that the canopy was already clear; no extra vacuum-forming necessary.

I did have a question about the Club-M and Hasegawa versions, namely are there any significant proportional/detail differences between the two? It seems like the edges are softer on the resin. But both look great.

But yeah, awesome job.

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I really like your paint scheme, and I always preferred the Club-M over the Hase design. Panel lines look a little heavy, maybe try dark grey next time?

Kajnrig, the Hasegawa kit has more of a real plane feel, whereas the Club-M is softer and looks more like what we see in the animation. What I like better on the garage kit is that it doesn't have the pronounced features around the nose like the outer lip and the step behind the front camera.

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Hey Jeff, those paper masks are GOLD!!!


I made a post in the Model kit section listing everyone of them I've found so far, if you see the VF-31 version please add it.

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