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r u planing to some how port then to a flight sim when your done? if so FSX please? X Plane sucks (atleast for me) srry if u already answerd this ? already. also looks gr8t u have skills

I'm a super big fan of FSX :) I haven't played x-Plane, I'd looove to see this plane in FSX with some sort of glass view from the cockpit, maybe someday I can convert this model into a simpler lower poly archive that can be loaded... but it's not my goal right now. The goal is to make a shortfilm with this.

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Updates, I've been learning how to make a heat effect for the thrusters (and for the turntable animation I'm planning):


First I learned how to make particles in Blender, then I started learning how to make them behave like a fast moving smoke that would follow the turbines.



Then after I got the particles working correctly, I used a composite mode in Blender with different render layers to get the smoke as a separate entity, then a distort filter on the finished render with the plane and the background, and the smoke's alpha as the parameter.


The effect looks pretty cool and weird from certain angles:



The smoke was not following the engine close enough so the heat effect looks delayed. I did some fixes to the particle speed and also added the smoke as an entity so it receives light and can be perceived as a hot system. The final render got some issues with camera clipping and the fact that I wasn't baking the particles so they began producing the smoke every time I restarted the render (this animation took almost a week of leaving the computer rendering at night) So that choppy feel of the engine going on and off is because I didn't bake it <_<


Looks pretty cool tho!! Here's a wallpaper for you guys, with what I've learned so far:


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Heeey it's been ages! But I'm still working on this, it's just that my laptop sucks a little bit at rendering....


I've been working out the compositing in Blender to build up a turntable animation. Just finished it so here are some gifs:

here's how it works: I render the camera point of view from the lower cockpit screens (Virtual Environment Cockpit or VEC for shorts)


Then I render the rear view mirror camera...


And then the cockpit from the pilot's point of view, so it's 3 different renders to get the thing completed. I then add the HUD information.



Did the same thing again but with landing and navigation lights, compositing on an HDRI background so I had to extract the shadows information, and I re-composited the HUD so it looked better:

Previous test. I changed my approach after finding it impossible to match the texture HUD with the over-the-comp HUD:


So once again: VEC...


Rear view mirror:


Background from the pilot's perspective (so I can edit and comp the cockpit better:





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19 hours ago, pengbuzz said:

Incredible work! I'm really impressed by the level of detail you got in this! :)


BTW: I tried doing the YF-19 in Blender:let's just say... it... didn't go very well....

YF19 Blender.jpg

That is so funny, I wanted to do something similar, but you beat me to it 

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4 hours ago, eosmusashi said:

Not the best choice of words for a title hahaha, still regretting it because even I picture a YF-19 inside a blender, every single time

It's all good :D Just having a little fun with the title here.


All of that said, your work on this is really outstanding! The demo reel just blew me away!

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