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Kill Command is an upcoming sci-fi film directed by veteran visual effects artist Steven Gomez. No U.S. release date has been set, but it premieres in the UK on May 13.

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Kill Command (a.k.a. Identify)
Vertigo Films, 2016
Written and Directed by Steven Gomez
Running Time: 99 minutes
Rated R for graphic violence and profanity.


Thure Lindhardt as Captain Damien Bukes
Vanessa Kirby (Sandy Hill in Everest, Katharine in Jupiter Ascending) as Katherine Mills AE 3583
David Ajala as Drifter
Bentley Kalu as Sergeant Rory Robinson
Tom McKay as Corporal Robert Cutbill
Mike Noble as Lance Corporal Martin Goodwin
Kelly Gough as Corporal Daniella Hackett
Osi Okerafor as Corporal Sam Loftus


A U.S. Marine platoon led by Captain Damien Bukes is partnered with cyborg tech agent Katherine Mills of Harbinger Corporation for a field testing of new hardware. The Marines quickly develop a distrust for Katherine, as she is able to pull up their personal information and even remotely disarm their weapons with her eyes. Upon arriving at Harbinger One Training Facility, the Marines begin their training exercise while several drones hover around them to gather data. Bukes grows suspicious of Katherine, as communications around the area have been blocked while an army of rogue robots are out there picking off the team one by one.

"Access is denied."


Throughout the past few years, we have seen quite a few underrated sci-fi gems such as District 9, Edge of Tomorrow, and Ex Machina. This is pretty close to being one of them.

Kill Command is a throwback to The Terminator, Aliens and Predator, only with robots as the antagonists. Those who serve the military will want to see this film due to its remarkable use of tactics. And for an independent film, the practical effects are outstanding. The CGI effects may look a little too polished, but they're used very sparingly.

The plot itself is pretty minimal, as it's derivative of other sci-fi survival films. Because of this, many parts of the film are predictable. The cast is not the greatest, but they deliver where it counts.

In short, Kill Command is not a perfect film, but it succeeds where the Terminator and Alien sequels failed - and that's no-nonsense sci-fi action and suspense.

Rating: B+

"You are not identified."


The Internet Movie Database

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