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Absolute Chogokin


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Cool. Pre-ordered one. What size are these BTW?

It looks like it's an exclusive to the Tamashii event. And it's been offered to people who purchase the advanced ticket to the event show. And based on the web page most figures stands below 10cm and it's all diecast metal. Not bad for Y1200. ;)

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No worries, I knew that it was coming and had been waiting for HLJ or CdJapan to get their preorders opened.I managed to get my VF_1J for 1000 before middleman fees etc.

That's what I got mine for also from yja but, total was over usd50 with buyee fees and sal shipping

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Thanks. I was at the K-Books Radio Kaikan yesterday looking for this, they said they were sold out.

1) Would anyone know where else in Tokyo would this be available?

2) How many pages of Macross goodies does it have? (Is it like the Issue 77 that featured Takatoku, Bandai and Yamato toys too?)

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Finally got my private warehouse stuff shipped from HLJ. Kind of a neat little piece to put on a small shelf, or maybe use it as a Monopoly piece.

Actually, I found myself more interested in the magazine over the figure.

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