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  1. This was the same with the Kampfer back in January 2020, but since covid 19 hit, they made a few more batches.
  2. There is still no confirmation as to whether this is Mcshow or not. McShow Destiny and the Pegasus KO GFFMC Wing Zero were also only sold by smaller Chinese sellers. There will be a Metal Kingdom KO Bandai MB Perfect Strike Gundam coming out next.
  3. No links. A friend of mine enquired about the availability of the 2021 Strike from a chinese seller on Sunday morning and he added in the reply that the launcher and sword packs are in the works for a future release. This store was the first store to list the item and was also the first public source on this product. They sold 1000+ orders overnight before this item was being widely circulated in the toy collecting community and being listed by other sellers. Attached is the public statement from Moshow denying that it is their product. They said that in recent days there has been an IP infringing product being discussed in forums that has been falsely associated with their Moshow name..... Meanwhile, Chinese sample review is up on Bilibili https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1ig411V7gR You could compare with a chinese review on Youtube for the 2016 one. Both figures are approximately 790g before adding the backpack. IIRC, 1/72 Buster was about 1.3-1.5kg, Vientiane Destiny, Gerbera and Kampfer were all around 1.5-1.6kg. In terms of value for money it is there. The 2021 Strike is priced like a 2018 Moshow toy(Buster and Destiny), but if there were to be a Moshow quality Gundam toy to be introduced and sold today, it would be higher than the price of the Kampfer. In short, for the price point, the 2021 Strike is good and not a failure, if you want a higher quality product, you would need to pay the Kampfer price point or one like the Motor Nuclear ones (MNQ).
  4. It is called differentiation. When 2016 Moshow came in they offered the first Gundam toy that defeated Bandai, It was larger, heavier, sturdier and more affordable than anything Bandai has done. If they had done 1/100 or 1/60, some random ignorant collectors will just say their 1/100 MG or 1/60 PG just serves the same purpose. I know tons of "Gunpla only" people who have not touched a prebuilt toy and are still skeptical of the differences between two categories in terms sculpt, construction, plastic and weight. Maybe many of these factors are irrelevant to them just like how some people will not touch luxury cars(way more money at stake than a Tamashii Nation fig though).
  5. Chinese sellers mentioned that dedicated new launcher and sword armor packs are planned for the 2021 Mcshow one in the future. We are still unsure if it is really is Mcshow(A01 Destiny and A02 SFreedom), a video sample review will be coming soon. The 960g without backpack is pretty close to 2016 Moshow's weight. Moshow(Takeda Shingen) has issued a public statement that they have no association with this 2021 1/72 Strike. Only low profile sellers are selling this new 2021 Strike and it has been dubbed 2.0 to ride on the success of the 2016 one. I think the company is keeping a low profile by going through small stores(50 pcs esch) rather than major stores(1000+ pcs each).
  6. Guys, please don't be confused or misled. You guys have been misled for days. The new 2021 1/72 Strike is not the same mould as the 2016 Moshow one, and the ShowZ listing is likely to be referring to the 2021 one but used images of the 2016 one judging by the release date and contents. ShowZ's pics were from a review dated 2016.
  7. Campaign page This mecha skirmish game consists of a free for all PvP arena style mode and a PvE co-op tower defense mode against enemy hordes for up to 4 players. The combat roles of the robots greatly remind me of those from the Gundam Extreme VS arcade video games. The robots have no factions so you could freely form your team(teams of 3 from a pool of 13+ characters, minimum of 286 combinations). There are also coloured cubes to identify teams, something that I rarely see in board games. Miniatures are made in a durable PU resin due to the size of the production run and the requirements of such detailed sculpts. PU resin is as strong as PVC as I have personally had some PU resin third party Revoltechs of transformer characters. I know that most people are action figure collectors here, but I am a former action figure collector who has gone through Gundam, Transformers and Macross and other Sunrise mecha. I got into mecha board games(which rarely exists) to relieve myself of the pain of waiting 20 years to complete a character line of action figures or the dread of missing obscure characters. Board games, especially kickstarter ones, offers you all the characters of an original universe all in one go along with board tiles and terrain to create a battle diorama. Moreover, board games include combat stats for the units to interact with each other so you know how much damage their attacks do and how much health one guy has compared to another. The creators are a small team of mecha fans in Hong Kong so their upfront costs of this project is limited. You may recognise some 3rd party transformer toy designs in here, such as MMC Feral Rex(predaking) and MMC Cyclindrus(roller). Remember, mecha miniatures are a rarity as they attract a smaller crowd.
  8. I think I get the logic now. Get people to buy new VF-31 >encourage them to buy Lil Draken at aftermarket >have leftover Keith parts >might as well buy Sv262 too? It might have been a similar case with the YF-29B and YF-30.
  9. I still don't get why Bandai would have an interest in the sales of a p-bandai item already released. Resellers will have them, but it is not like they would ask Bandai for rebates if they don't sell lol. Your interpretation may be correct for those who already own Sv-262 and the Lil Drakens, but the new VF-31F will only boost the sales of the aftermarket Lil Drakens, which should not affect Bandai at all. How about we get Mirage's Sv-262 with Lil Drakens?
  10. There is another Chogokin DX listing beneath it, but it could just be the YF-19. Are they re-releasing Lil Drakens at all? If not, then this has to be the biggest double dick move by Bandai. 1. Existing VF-31F owners will have no chance of attaching Lil Drakens, since they didn't opt to release new add on sets that would be compatible. 2. New buyers of this Hayate piloted VF-31F(has new pilot fig) will have to scavenge Keith's Lil Drakens at rape prices. But yeah, they did the same with the VF-31J Kai expecting people to scavenge the rare super parts. This re-release is almost like a straight reissue, but mostly unwelcomed unlike the YF-19. Give us a VF-31A with Armored Pack compatible ports and pegs. This release is similar to rereleasing Robot Damashii Unicorn Gundam with the ports for the full armor pack.
  11. How feasible would a Messer VF-31F with Lil Draken from the Delta movie be without having to release the fighter again?
  12. Taobao pre-ordered stock for VF-31A is out. My pre-ordered price increased 10% due to currency fluctuations etc. Sellers are honouring preordered spots and not dropping any orders. In-stock listings are about 2300 to 2500 cny which equals to 42k+ yen. Singaporean Youtuber suspects that some sellers might be holding stock to sell at the jacked up price.
  13. QUICK! 1/72 Hurricane was 680 CNY before release and it has now gone up to 880 CNY for in stock listings! The 2nd batch is due 2nd quarter and will range from 680 CNY+(some are charging 800 CNY). The preorder deadline is 10/01/2018, so they are showing the urgency of this last chance. For the record, Moshow strike had about 3 batches in total, Weijiang MPP-10 Optimus Prime had an indefinite number of batches. MC KO Metal Builds don't move much in price. This is the first time I've seen a Chinese 3P product go up in price upon release. Should we worry about Tongmeng EX Omegamon and Dukemon too? Transformers 3P don't go up due to pending transformation reviews. I really do hope that Poison Toys continue with a Duel Gundam next. A reissue Strike Rogue or Perfect Strike variant would be great too. In my opinion, Moshow Strike was the best Chinese 3P toy of all time, maybe even better than some of the top tier 3P Transformers in terms of surpassing the benchmark standard of their respective toy categories.
  14. calubin_175

    Hi-Metal R

    Looks like the Regult missile variant markings are based on the lineart, much like the destroids with their fixed number tampos.
  15. calubin_175

    Hi-Metal R

    So it is likely that Gilbert's unit would be a Tamashii Web Exclusive for now. I am pretty sure this VF-2SS won't bomb as hard as the Destroids, but maybe the same demand as VF-1J and Max which were still available for 3 months after release. The main problem with this release is that it appears to be a bit overpriced. 12000 yen would be a fairer price. Perhaps they don't intend on making too many as Macross II is a niche. Evo Toy for reference. http://hlj.com/product/EVT57221/Act
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