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Damaged Customized VF-0 Reactive Armored

Cesar Enrique

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Warning, heavy post, constantly uploading images...

Hi my friends, long time no posting, this time I will share with you 6 months of my life, originally intended for a contest, but didn`t finished it on time.

Inspired by a Japanese magazine, I decided to make my own version, it cost me money and above all, so much time and effort, but it worthed, the only bad thig was my poor skills in photograph (cell phone) and the absence of a light box...I added many details, almost 300 round bolts and many styrene rods, and of course I damaged the styrene with many items.

The next top secret pictures were taken when one of the last reactive armours were set to a VF-0 valkyrie to go to battle against the anti U.N. forces, whom haven`t stopped their attacks on the last days, giving no time for repairs, we`ve been forced to use it as it came back from it`s last mission...barely a couple of hours ago, we hope to hang on until reinforcements arrive...from...only God knows where...






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Thank you for all your kind comments, the hurt in my neck, all my effort and all that time spent in my room making this figure worth just by your comments.

But there is more, the VF-0 battroid inside the armour has it`s details as well, but I don`t know if I should add those pictures here or open a new thread... I think a new one would be better.

I let you this images of the details of the armour before priming.





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