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Spoiler Warning(?) - New Series: Macross 00 !

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Not long after the announcement of the new Macross series, I was startled to encounter a huge and strangely effeminate bird, which attacked my car and left behind only a battered 5-1/4” floppy disk. Needless to say, it took some digging to find the hardware necessary to read this disk, but I was eventually able to extract the following text. Could it represent a rough outline of the upcoming series?


The year is 2078. Macross fleets have stretched mankind’s reach to the edges of the universe, but disaster is brewing in the populous worlds of the inner sphere!

The Entertainment Ban - enacted in the inner sphere following secret reports of the 37th fleet’s encounter with the eight known Protodeviln - has been revoked. Massive protests, inspired by the guerrilla idol group AKB0048, forced politicians to abandon a law whose purpose neither they nor their constituents fully understood. A new wave of song and culture washed across the inner sphere worlds… and with it came a great danger.

The center of this revolution is Akibastar, a world where the idols of AKB0048 channel their song energy through massive subterranean deposits of Fold Crystal. Drawn from their sub-universal abode by this beacon of pure Spiritia, new Protodeviln burst forth into our galaxy by the thousands to sate an ageless hunger. The bodies of the hapless AKB0048 Successors become their vessels. Songs that once inspired a joyous revolution now serve only to enslave world after world as energy sources for these super-powerful Spiritia vampires.

In the face of this dire threat, the remaining governments of the inner sphere have only one choice – to recall every available Macross fleet, and use military expertise gained on the dangerous galactic frontier to fight this new threat at humanity’s core. However, force of arms will not be enough; only song energy can fully counter the power of the Protodeviln.

Thus, Project Jamming Pheonix is born. A new generation of pilots are paired with the remaining AKB0048 kenkyusei, who managed to escape Akibastar. By combining the latest variable fighter technology with the power of idol singing, a weapon capable of fighting the Protodeviln on equal terms is created.

Notable characters

Pilot/Idol teams:

Nekki Lee – Son of Ozma Lee and Cathy Glass-Lee, Nekki is the hot-headed leader of Phoenix Squadron. He seeks to prove himself to his estranged father, who always wanted him to be a musician rather than a soldier.

paired with

Chieri Sono – Center Nova of Phoenix Squadron, she is a powerful performer and the only remaining idol capable of triggering a Kirara Reaction. She is haunted by the memory of her best friend, Nagisa Motomiya, now transformed into the Protodeviln known as “A-yami,” and will do anything to bring the real Nagisa back.

Hikaru Dyson – Grandson of the greatest test pilot to ever sit in a variable fighter, Hikaru has the skills to pay the bills… and he knows it. His arrogant attitude gets under Nekki’s skin, and his constant leering sets the idols on edge, but when the missiles start flying, there is no better wingman.

paired with

Suzuko Kanzaki – Chief tactician of Phoenix Squadron (and obligatory megane-girl), Suzuko’s unassuming appearance belies one of the sharpest analytical minds of her age. She is able to memorize mountains of data and analyze complex battle plans at a glance. She also pays an uncomfortable amount of attention to the other girls’ personal habits.

Emylee Jenius- Daughter of Emilia Jenius, she is the oldest and most experienced pilot in Phoenix Squadron, but she has a young appearance thanks to her quarter-Meltran heritage. Emylee works hard to support the other singers and idols, but what she wants most is to discover the father she never knew.

paired with

Sonata Shinonome – Youngest member of Phoenix Squadron; what she lacks in talent, she makes up in enthusiasm. Sonata will do anything to stop those mean Protodeviln. She also wants boobs.


A-yami (formerly Atsuko Maeda the 14th, Nagisa Motomiya) – Leader of the Protodeviln. An ancient space vampire in the body of a 13-year-old girl, she plans to turn humanity into mindless cattle for a Spiritia farm perpetually renewed by her dark song. Any who oppose her will be laughingly annihilated.

Mari-yami (formerly Mariko Shinoda the 8th, Mimori Kishida) – Voice of the Protodeviln, she serves as an “ambassador” to deliver their demands and ultimatums to humanity. Always smiling, her gentle demeanor conceals the implacable nature of her message.

Tomo-yami (formerly Tomomi Itano the 11th, Tomoyo Itano) – Captain of the Protodeviln forces, she leads a fleet of identical warrior clones that battle humanity without mercy, fear, or sense of taste.


Mikako Minamino (formerly Minami Minegishi the 5th) – Hard-drinking ace pilot and former idol, she serves as instructor and drill sergeant to the pilots of Phoenix Squadron. Also something of a cougar. Minami secretly feels that her inability to protect the Successors amounted to a second betrayal, and drowns her guilt in alcohol… but she can still fight when she’s drunk!

Mayu Watanabe Mark IV – Singing, dancing, killing machine. Lacking an organic brain, the cyborg unit Mayuyu Mark III could not be inhabited by the Protodeviln when they encountered it on Akibastar, and was summarily disposed of. However, when its data core was retrieved by Luca Angelloni and incorporated into his previously-unsuccessful “Nanase-bot” prototype, a fighting and singing unit of extraordinary potential was created.

Dennis Lone – An optimistic young reporter and strict teetotaler, Dennis wants to be the first eyes on the scene at every battle, to bring the story of humanity’s triumph back to his viewers. But how will the realities of war affect him?

Max Jenius – Fleet Commander of the UN Spacy Reclamation Forces. 85 years old and still the baddest MF’er around.

Is this for real? Could the new series actually bring every Macross series and AKB0048 into a unified continuity? All I can say is: keep your eyes on that monitor!

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Inner Sphere? can we use a few idle Macross ships and go to town on any CAP CON worlds? between the 3145 era CCAF and the DCMS's, the FedSuns are getting raped...

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