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I wish Bandai would make a YF-24 Evolution... I did (at least tried)


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I know it doesn't follow the line art exactly, but it's the best I could do with the parts I had. But seriously, I wish Bandai would make one.

This was made with a Luca RVF-25, some vf-171 wings and one antennae, and a few extra parts. Unfortunately it doesn't transform, but it's nice to display in fighter mode.

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Wow! great job!!! :o :o wings look like they were part of there. Eventough the wings are bit longer than the lineart, you did a fantastic job, a better and clever rendition than the horribly chubby v1 VF-25 from Bandai that was far from lineart.

If you only added the wings from 171 why can't it transform? at least to gerwalk? or is it because of the paint?

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On 1/12/2014 at 6:19 PM, physioguy said:

I decided to just make it as a display piece, to avoid wear and tear, and it actually doesn't have a functional head.

I've actually listed it on ebay to make room in my collection for more Macross stuff, for the giant waves of new toys keep on coming.

Are you still looking to sell this? I would be interested if you are.

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