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  1. man i love these tiny planes.... lol ... the sticker that come with them is good so that you dont have to paint or anything to make it look good.... but i got a few cause it cheap and i love to do my own paint scheme without having to worry about messing an expensive figure up ....
  2. I just love this bike.... me on a Ducati 1199
  3. lol.... i never really bother checking cuase i already tinted my face shield with a mirror reflective tint already so it better than the one they sent ..
  4. yeah i didn't even bother testing it on so i didn't notice that !! fuken dik!!!! no snap on my either.... there you go another piece of junk , they can't even get that right! that a cool link thanks.... very usefully ....
  5. wow something unexpected happen....a reflective face shield arrived today.....!!!!????? not the part i wanted...i need a red hood visor cause that the cracked one..... but on the package it described as a helmet visor .... so they gotten it wrong again....but i just have given up now anyways.... at least i got a reflective face shield now...
  6. ohhh yeah did anyone buy the reflective face shield off them for the helmet?.... i wonder if that was sent out at all?..... i was about too , lucky i didn't .....
  7. YEah in the same boat as well.... still waiting for a visor ...but i just gave up on that now as my one was not that bad...just a little crack .... also took that deal and got a max helmet as well...at least that arrive in good condition....
  8. still waiting for mine as well... .they keep apologizing stating that the factory got it wrong with the replacement and they waiting for the next batch now...
  9. hi there ..... you have to be more specific which model and parts of 1/60 yamato line you're talking about as they release alot
  10. That looking great Garfinkel ...good stuff man
  11. Wow just saw it...that awesome chyll2 amazing custom man...nice choice on the colours
  12. love the foc dinobot Saburo ....That Sinon look awesome spanner.!!..
  13. they usually preorder it first .... there quite a few on here that does buy 3 or more of each.... i usually get 2 of each , same with my masterpiece transformers
  14. yeah i keep that in mind next time ...but it usually an awkward placement that the problem , just don't have proper grip or access to push it in ...that why you always slip off
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