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  1. Any information on pre-order availability?
  2. Been out of the loop for a few months but a quick glance around forums and there is no news of Arcadia M&M yet?
  3. yaya finally got 2 for the jacked up price...
  4. Mine is somewhere between Osaka and Sydney haha
  5. I've had a 0S since '06 and its only been out of the box a couple of times - only transformed once and wasn't really impressed. As others have said its a bit of a floppy mess - even in Fighter mode the chest droops slightly :-\ It is a beautiful bird that deserves a revision (and reactive armor!), its just a shame the OVA was so awful
  6. I preordered one also - no idea where im going to put it yet Also ordered this little kitty
  7. hmm my NY order is 'preparing'...
  8. FML... 1st transformation of my 171EX and the top of the small wing pin snaps off. wtf Bandai
  9. The best 'repair' seems to be disassembling the joint and coating the ball joint with nail polish. My 25F has a floppy left leg straight out of the box
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