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  1. Did I miss it? And I'm talking about the green / blue one with the radar dome and not the white one. I'm pretty sure that I saw it in the beginning of the Macross Frontier episode 1... one of the first valks to get attacked and destroyed by the vajra.
  2. I prefer the TV version for all except for the VF-1S... yellow arrows on the side of the head just looks better than black.
  3. And as I was saying... all those armor that Tony Stark didn't use in Iron Man 3 are just too many so I'm ignoring them.
  4. My list is about 70% based on looks and 30% on what Tony Stark did with that armor in the movies. And the only armor from Iron Man 3 besides War Machine Mark II and Iron Patriot that I will take into consideration will be the Mark XLII because the other armor just flashed by and they are too many to choose from.
  5. 1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place 5th place 6th place 7th place 8th place 9th place 10th place
  6. I would guess that they are pretty swamped.
  7. Here: http://www.macross2.net/m3/sdfmacross/vf-1j-gbp.htm
  8. The GBP should be purple if it's really the TV-version.
  9. I can't seem to find one on Yahoo! Japan.
  10. $117 god damn thats cheap but I really don't like all that construction worker orange. Which is funny because I do like the VF-1D.
  11. Then why did they go out of business? Not because they sold too many valks I would wager.
  12. I'm sorry that I lashed out... I was in another forum on the internet and got agitated by all of the naysayers.
  13. You do know that it's a zero?! I guess not. VF-0 not VF-O. Why did they ever remove the diagonal line from the zero?
  14. I shipped a VF-22 and it weighed 1.8kg shipped so no way that a VF-1D would weigh 2.5kg shipped.
  15. GBP is DYRL, missiles tips are SDFM... which ones got painted wrong according to you? I would say the missile tips.
  16. Grey visor = animation error. No it's not, the SDFM type GBP is purple and this one is blue so it's clearly the DYRL variant.
  17. This would only work if they turned the Macross 30 video game into an anime and also the VF-9 got introduced in 2021 so it wouldn't turn up in a sequel to SDFM and it would have been scrapped a long time ago to turn up in a sequel to Macross Frontier but it could be used in a stand alone series that takes place in the 2020's.
  18. Only four so far... Alto, 30th Anniversary, Isamu and Ozma. And there are two or three more color schemes of the YF-30 not counting the one that gets released soon.
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