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1/60 Tow Tractor for VFs


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This is based on a tow tractor support vehicle that came out in the first episode of SDF Macross. The tow bar connects to a VF-1 Tow hook but I've also included another hook to secure it. It actually works without it. It comes with a driver.

Thanks for looking! Comments welcome.









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when they created all the various mechanical work art, i wonder if the artist(s) took inspiration from SE seen at the three major bases where Navy operated at. Because outside from the rear twin wheels (something no real piece of SE that im aware of ever had) it looks alot like an NC-8A MEPP though the TA-75 was the shore based tug used by the fleet at that time

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For Sale thread up!


I'll also be taking taking count for 1/48 interest on that thread... Gracias!

This is nice! Great work :D

Thanks! You know you da man tho, rite??? ;)

id be tempte dby a 1/60 one. Ground crew would rock as well!

1/60 Ground crew is getting printed and on the way. 1/48 is coming for certain afterwards.
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attachicon.gifIMG_1935 (Medium).JPG

this is a A/S32 A-31A right after CYLOP. its got a GTC-100 Airstart on the back (since replaced on both Fleet and Shore-based by the MSU-200/NAV, which resulted in the modification of the Tow Tractor to the A-31B specification)... the question i ask is, because the VF-0 and VF-1 were principly Navy assets, would it not be more apporprioate to use a ALBAR type towbar? (your guess is mine to what length of towbar (8', 15', 20' or 22' feet model) would be used. If you didn't know, different lengths are used at sea as opposed to shore based...

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