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Found this sweet hybrid while surfing the net


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I could imagine Space Pirates cobbling something like that together. Maybe a rouge army or smuggler thugs. If there were two of these it would be cool to paint one with ugly weld points and weathering and patched up bullet holes. Maybe a Bounty Hunter too--give it the Slave-1 feel! (Sipping coffee... Sorry). On the face put an. Angel of Death skull grin and give a custom melee weapon... Like a spear made of Space Whale bone.

it's been too long since I've written. The bug is back :-)

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Looks like all he did was switch out the wings and head for ones from the YF-19. Doesn't look bad at all in fighter, since the wings on the VF-25 are mounted so far back anyway.

The rest though... eh. Gerwalk looks pretty good (though he should have stuck to the VF-25 shield), but the battroid trans just doesn't look good like that. I think it would be a lot better if he folded the wings properly, and laid down the backplate, but the way he left the nose sticking out propped up the chest higher than it should be, and the torso looks a heck of a lot longer that way.

Still, a fun concept. I'd love to see it developed a little more, since it looks kind of like a less over-engined YF-29.

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