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  1. This this is EPIC! Great job man, I love it.
  2. Ok, finished product. Not what my mind's eye pictured. (more imagination then skill) But I am pleased with the minimalist approach. Hope u guys like it too.
  3. Here's the last batch of decals, made doubles in case of a mess up.
  4. I wish I was that good of an artists! Nah, I found the images online and used photoshop to remove the background. I'm going to stay with the pearl white and break out my fine brushes for some pin striping. I found a couple chibi Ranka and Sheryl pics I will add along with a few SMS badges.
  5. A short vid of my drone hovering with the custom hull. It still needs some smaller stuff to finish it out but I am pleased. http://s693.photobucket.com/user/shintoryu1/media/20130624_1908001.mp4.html
  6. I got the decals on, but I need to make some filler stuff. Looks very sparse. I may make a couple SMS logos and maybe chibi character decals to fill in the voids. What do you guys think? here's some pics and urls for the closeups----> http://i693.photobucket.com/albums/vv300/shintoryu1/20130621_205939.jpg http://i693.photobucket.com/albums/vv300/shintoryu1/20130621_205830.jpg http://i693.photobucket.com/albums/vv300/shintoryu1/20130621_205759.jpg http://i693.photobucket.com/albums/vv300/shintoryu1/20130621_210021.jpg
  7. Here's a test with he decals after a coat of Testors gloss coat to seal them before water dip/transfer. I am pleased with the results. Macross F'd my phone case :-P
  8. Ok, here's a pic of the printed decals, dont want to go overboard so gonna keep it to just these. Pardon the hand shadow. lol
  9. Working on an Idolmaster kind of Parrot AR drone hull. I have Ranka, Sheryl, Nanase, and Klan (both sizes) printed out on blank decal paper. I'll post some pics as I progress.
  10. Awesome man, it will help tons to know. I bought a bunch of half built vf-25's off ebay and was going to customize them but the guy broke them off the sprues rather then cutting, so have stress discoloration
  11. I have some 1/72 Bandai VF-25s and I don't know what colors to mix to get the shades for touch up and such. Anyone know what colors they used to mix the color guides?
  12. Sweet! time to buy a glue gun!!!!!
  13. yes...but like I said too easy to break when trying to switch out. I wouldn't chance it. These 2 should help you a lot. http://www.mech9.com...ruction-manual/ http://www.mech9.com/blog/2010/04/172-vf-25f-super-messiah-valkyrie-alto-custom-construction-manual/
  14. War is correct, you have to replace a bunch of parts. I did the RVF-25 with SP and it would be a risk of snapping things to put it back to stock.
  15. lol i didn't see it on here. I was checking BakaBT for a decent subbed version and found a 1080p that looks good and saw in the comments about editing.
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