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YF-19 replacement parts


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Back when the VF-1 shoulder replacements were announced, a lot of people asked if the YF-19 would be next. I tried tackling the tricky fuselage hinge part and have got something that is ready to be tested. If this works, I will make it available on my shapeways shop so you guys don't have to say how many you want.


Neither of my YF-19s ever had a breakage so I had perfectly fine parts to work backwards from. My replacement doesn't match the original exactly because the stock part is designed to save on plastic as much as possible. My part will be done in White Strong Flexible so it should be plenty sturdy.

I'll update this thread when I get the prototype in for testing on a YF-19.

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Wow Veef at it again, awesome you are working on all these cool replacement parts. I think mine is actually still in tact also. The only problem I really have with my 19 atm is the damn loose joints.

i've managed to tighten most of the loose joints on mine via tiny clippings of electrician's tape in the joint pin cavities.

dismantling the lower legs, and lining the interior contact areas of the tail fin tracks with the same tape have tightened those up nicely, as well.

tightening up those infamous shoulder joints, my 19 can actually hold an arm pose now, as well;



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Honestly, I think the fact that we have people going through all of this trouble to make aftermarket replacements available at all more than outweighs whatever wait we might have for you to get it right. Take your time, I for one am nothing but grateful!

Looking forward to seeing more great things on this front!

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Alright I think this is the final version of the hinge. Or the final version I feel I need to test. I increased the size of the area around the screw hole so it matches the original part and also prevents the screw hole from splitting.

This is at the point where any further adjustments are at the mercy of Shapeways' printing tolerances. With some minor sanding I was able to get the gullet plate almost perfectly flush. I did do some tiny adjustments after this but the final product will be mostly the same.

So my question is are you guys satisfied with what you see so I can turn these loose? They're going to be sold as a set of hinges.

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VF5SS, are there any plans to make YF-19 shoulder parts? My 19 is a permanent southpaw since his right shoulder desintegrated.

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